Gym Leader Wulfric

Wulfric is the leader of the Snowbelle City Gym. He uses Ice-type pokémon and awards the Iceberg Badge.

Gym Leader Wulfric

Wulfric has a level 56 Abomasnow (very weak to Fire, weak to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel), a level 55 Cryogonal (weak to Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire), and a level 59 Avalugg (weak to Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire).

The Abomasnow knows Ice Beam (Ice special attack), Ice Shard (Ice physical attack), and Energy Ball (Grass special attack).

The Cryogonal knows Ice Beam (Ice special attack), Confuse Ray (causes the target to become confused), Flash Cannon (Steel special attack), and Hail (causes the Hail weather condition, which damages all non-Ice pokémon each turn).

The Avalugg knows Avalanche (Ice physical attack), Crunch (Dark physical attack), Curse (reduces user's speed but increases its attack and defense), and Gyro Ball (Steel physical attack).

After the battle, you get the Iceberg Badge, which causes all traded pokémon to obey you. Wulfric also gives you TM13 Ice Beam.

After that, you can leave the gym by going south on the bridge of ice that appeared.

When you go outside, the guy from the front of the gym, and Wulfric, will come outside and tell you to challenge the Pokémon League.

When you're ready, use the northwest exit of Snowbelle City to reach Route 21, Dernière Way.