Gym Leader Grant

Grant is the leader of the Cyllage City Gym. He uses Rock-type pokémon and awards the Cliff Badge.

Gym Leader Grant

Grant has a Hyper Potion that he may use to heal his pokémon during the battle.

Grant first sends out a level 25 Amaura, which is very weak to Fighting and Steel moves, and is weak to Ground, Rock, Water, and Grass moves.

Then he sends out a level 25 Tyrunt, which is weak to Ice, Fighting, Ground, Dragon, Steel, and Fairy attacks.

When you win, you get the Cliff Badge, which makes traded pokémon of level 40 or higher obey you. Grant also gives you TM39 Rock Tomb.

To exit the gym, go down the stairs to the left of Grant and use the climbing wall to go down. Slide down the two ramps to reach the gym exit.

Make a Shortcut

You can now go to Route 10: Menhir Trail, but before you do, you can go north from the Gym to reach the cave entrance to Connecting Cave. Teach Strength to a pokémon, then push the nearby boulder to the right until it falls into the hole. This allows you to reach TM40 Aerial Ace.

Go south and east from there and talk to the backpacker. He gives you TM21 Frustration.

Just above the backpacker, push the boulder to the right. Then go south and push the boulder there. If you use either of the east exits of the cave, you end up in Rivière Walk. The northwest exit goes back to Cyllage City, and the southwest exit goes to Muraille Coast.

When you're ready, go to Cyllage City and use the northwest exit to reach Route 10: Menhir Trail.