Lumiose City

After you pass through the mazes of Parterre Way, you go north and meet Sina and Dexio, who lead you to Lumiose City.

Go to the Pokémon Lab

Sina will walk to the Pokémon Lab. You can reach it by going left from where you entered Lumiose City. Dexio will stay behind near the Lumiose City entrance. Right now, northern Lumiose is closed because of a blackout. When you're ready, go to the Pokémon Lab.

Meet with Professor Sycamore

In the lab, Sina tells you that the Professor is on the third floor. Get into the elevator. If you go to the second floor first, you can get some Luxury Balls from a researcher there. Then go to the third floor.

Professor Sycamore will greet you, then go to the left side of the room. Go and talk to him. He will talk a little about your pokémon journey, then he will challenge you to a battle. Talk to him when you're ready for the battle.

Battle the Professor

Professor Sycamore has a level 10 Bulbasaur, a level 10 Squirtle, and a level 10 Charmander.

After you defeat Professor Sycamore, you can choose one of the Kanto starter pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. After you choose, Professor Sycamore will give you the special mega evolution stone for the type of pokémon that you chose.

Your other friends will all arrive. The Professor will say a few motivational words and will recommend going to Camphrier Town to learn about Mega Evolution. After he's done, you're free to continue your pokémon adventure.

Go to the right side of the third floor and talk to the researcher at the bookshelf. If you have at least 30 pokémon in your Pokédex, she will give you TM54 False Swipe. This helpful move will stop causing damage if the opponent pokémon's HP is 1, so it can't cause pokémon to faint. This is very useful when trying to lower a wild pokémon's HP if you're trying to catch it. The lower a wild pokémon's HP, the more likely a poké ball that you throw at it will successfully catch the pokémon. For more information, check out the list of pokémon that can learn False Swipe.

When you go down to the first floor of the lab, Lysandre will be talking to Sina, hoping to meet you and your friends. He's a student of Professor Sycamore. He wants people and pokémon to work together to make the world a better place. However, Sina is worried that Lysandre's vision of a better world might not be good for everyone.

As you head toward the exit, your friends show up. Shauna will leave to go someplace in the city. Your neighbor will ask you to come to the Café Soleil to talk about something. Trevor will tell you how to get to Camphrier Town: turn left after leaving the Pokémon Lab. The Café Soleil is on the way.

Become More Stylish

You can get discounts and unlock new locations and items in Lumiose City by becoming more stylish. Read the Lumiose City Style Guide for the full list of actions that increase your style. One way to increase your style is to purchase items in Lumiose City shops. Your style increases by the same amount no matter how many items you buy at a time, but your style increases each separate time you talk to a shopkeeper and buy something. Therefore, to quickly increase your style, instead of buying many items at the same time, you should talk to the shopkeeper and buy one item, then talk to the shopkeeper again and buy one item, and repeat the process until you have the desired number of items.

Visit the PR Video Studio

In the PR Video Studio, the guy at the desk will ask if you want to make a video. He'll ask what your style is, then your video will automatically get recorded. This video shows your in-game character (it doesn't record video of you, the player) doing various poses, with different messages on top.

Afterward, go up and talk to the girl with pink hair. She gives you the Lens Case. It contains contact lenses that allow you to change your eye color. You have to go into a dressing room to change lenses. There is a dressing room here in the PR Video Studio.

Go into the room to the left and talk to the lady there if you would like to wear makeup or add freckles to your look.

Talk to the guy at the desk in the front room of the PR Video Studio if you would like to make a new video. This time, you can edit each second of the ten-second video, showing yourself and your pokémon with different poses, transitions, music, and messages. You can then share the video with other players. You can even edit your videos using a PC.

Change your Hairstyle at Coiffure Clips

As you go toward the Café Soleil, you will pass Coiffure Clips, a hair salon where you can change your hair style and color. They can color just the front of your hair or all of it, and they can change the style.

Talk to the girl at the front to start the process. Getting your hair styled and colored costs 3000 Pokédollars. Getting it just styled or just colored costs 1500 Pokédollars. After you decide whether to style and color your hair or just style it, she will ask if you want to color just the front (if you asked for color) or if you want the color changed all over. Look at her hair to see an example of having the color changed just in the front. Keep in mind that you won't be able to preview the changes, so if you end up dissatisfied, you'll have to spend another 1500 to 3000 Pokédollars to change your hair.

After you pick your options, you'll sit in a salon chair and she will ask about the style and color that you want. She'll chat with you a little bit while she works. If she says "do you want to keep it the same?" it just means that you selected an option that already matches your current hairstyle, so say yes if you want that aspect of your hairstyle to stay the same.

Café Shutterbug

Café Shutterbug is just past the Café where your neighbor is waiting to talk to you. At Café Shutterbug, you can get advice on taking pictures. You can take pictures if you find a photo spot, which is a place marked by a sign with a camera on it. For example, there is one in Aquacorde Town. You can check on a photo spot sign to call Phil the Photo Guy. If you ask him to take a photo, you can adjust the camera controls and move the 3DS around to change the picture. After you take the picture, you have the option of giving a tip to Phil the Photo Guy. The boy behind the counter at Café Shutterbug has advice on taking better pictures.

Vernal Avenue

Although the northern avenue is blocked because of a blackout, you can go to Vernal Avenue by walking toward the large tower in the center of the city. Vernal Avenue has various shops and cafés.

Stone Emporium

At the stone emporium, you can buy a Fire Stone, Water Stone, or Leaf Stone at the counter. Also, an old man in the top left will offer to sell you a Mega Stone. The initial price for Mega Stones is 1000000 Pokédollars. You can reduce this price by increasing your style.


At the Herboriste, you can buy herbs that heal HP, remove status conditions, and revive pokémon. However, herbs have a bitter taste, which will reduce the happiness of a pokémon who eats them.

Friseur Furfrou

If you have a Furfrou, you can bring it to Friseur Furfrou and they can change the style of its fur. The fur style will go back to the default appearance if you put the Furfrou into the PC Box.

Boutique Couture

You can buy all types of clothing from Boutique Couture, but the person at the door won't let you in if you aren't stylish enough. Read the Lumiose City Style Guide to learn how to become more stylish.

Meet your Neighbor at Café Soleil

When you're ready, walk up to your neighbor, who is standing outside of the Café Soleil. He'll go in and ask you to follow. Inside, you find Lysandre talking to Diantha. Your neighbor will explain that Lysandre is the head of Lysandre Labs, creator of the Holo Caster video messaging device. Diantha is a famous movie star.

You overhear Lysandre offering eternal youth to Diantha. However, Diantha embraces the changes of life, including growing old. But Lysandre believes that beautiful things should stay beautiful forever, to the point that he'd rather end the world than let things become ugly. When Lysandre notices you standing there, he praises the way that Diantha makes people happy with her acting, then he leaves. Diantha comes up to you and says that she is also a trainer and looks forward to battling you someday.

Afterward, you can go outside. Go to the exit to Route 5, which is on the other side of the street from Café Soleil and a little to the left. As you go toward the exit to Route 5, you will get a Holo Clip (like an email, but a 3D hologram instead of text) from Tierno, who says that Route 5 is hopping with wild pokémon.

Receive O-Powers

In the gate building, a guy in a pink suit comes up to you and asks if you have heard of O-Powers. This is Mr. Bonding. He gives you two O-Powers: Attack Power and Defense Power. You can use these to temporarily increase your attack or defense in battle. You can also use them on other players that are active in the Player Search System by tapping a player and then tapping the O-Powers button. As you use the powers, they will increase in level, up to level 3.

When you're ready, go outside to reach Route 5: Versant Road.