After you pass through Route 5 and get a Rotom Bike, you arrive in Hulbury.

You arrive in Hulbury after passing through Route 5.

Explore Hulbury

Go east and you can visit the Pokémon Center.

Go east from the Pokémon Center and there will be a cutscene.

If you follow the road north of the Pokémon Center, you can go northwest to reach the Hulbury train station. East of that, there is a ramp on the left that leads to a wooden walkway surrounded by water. The pokémon that you can encounter by fishing here are Arrokuda, blue Basculin (Shield only), red Basculin (Sword only), Chewtle, Chinchou, and Wishiwashi.

In the southeast part of the wooden walkway, there are 5 Net Balls.

Go east from the wooden walkway area, and there is a sparkle to the right of the bins. Check on it to get 2 Super Potions.

Go east to the lighthouse and talk to the person who is looking out at the sea. There will be a cutscene. You will get Nessa's League Card.

If you walk north alongside the railing, you find TM82 Electroweb behind the lighthouse.

You can challenge Nessa now, but there is more in Hulbury to explore.

If you go east from the Pokémon Center, you find the seafood restaurant that the Chairman went to, but Oleana is blocking the way. South of the restaurant, there is a market area. You will find an incense shop and herb shop there.

In this market area, you can talk to the camper at the leftmost table to trade a Minccino and receive Grazia's Cottonee, Candyfloss.

Southwest of the camper, you find a Magnet.

East of that, there is a sparkle in front of a broken part of the fence. Check on it to get an X Sp. Def.

To the east, you can go down some stairs to an area of water. Go northwest in this area to find a Shell Bell.

To the east, Team Yell are blocking the entrance to Galar Mine No. 2.

When you are ready, enter Hulbury Stadium.