Rok Uwog Shrine Guide: Power of Reach

A guide on how to find and complete the Rok Uwog shrine and solve the "Power of Reach" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

This shrine is in the Hebra Region. Go northwest from Rin Oyaa Shrine into Pikida Snowfield. The shrine is in the northwest of that area.

How to Solve the Shrine

Use Magnesis to pull down the metal treasure chest that you can see on the ledge across from where you entered the shrine. It contains a Drillshaft.

Then burn the leaves next to the iron bars using a fire arrow, or an arrow shot through the torch's flame, or a flame weapon, or just hit the torch to knock it down onto the leaves. This will burn two crates in the wall and open a hole to the next area. Go through.

There is a Guardian Scout in the next area. After you kill it, use Magnesis to move the metal block from under the wooden box. If it gets stuck, throw a remote bomb at the wooden box and detonate it mid-air so it breaks the wooden box.

Then go up the ramp to the next area, where there is another Guardian Scout. After you kill it, go to the next area, where you can see two barrels on a floor switch beyond the bars. Use a spear (such as the Drillshaft or the Guardian Spears that you got earlier) to break the barrels, and the bars will open. Go through the bars and open the nearby chest to get a small key.

Then go up the ladder and go down to the locked door near the elevator where you entered the shrine. Open the locked door and talk to Rok Uwog to get the Spirit Orb.