Hateno Tower

This page explains how to find and climb Hateno Tower to get a map of the Hateno Region.

How to Reach Hateno Tower

If you opened Ha Dahamar Shrine, warp there, then go north from the stable, and east at the fork in the road. If you did not unlock the Ha Dahamar shrine, warp to the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, then go south from Kakariko Village and go across Kakariko Bridge, then go to the left along the road. The path will eventually go east through Fort Hateno. Keep following that path east until it splits. Go to the right, crossing a natural bridge. Continue following the road, and it will go near Hateno Tower.

Activate Hateno Tower

Make your way up the hill. Eventually, the path will split, and you need to go to the left to reach the tower. If you take a close look at the tower, you will see that it is covered in thorns. You can burn the thorns, but it is easier to just climb the tower carefully, going around the thorns and stopping on ledges to recover stamina.