Pikango Locations

Pikango can give you hints about where to find the locations from the photographs in the Sheikah Slate, helping you recover your lost memories.

About Pikango

Pikango is a painter that you first meet in Kakariko Village. After you show him a picture of a Great Fairy Fountain (see below), he can be found at various locations throughout Hyrule. Talk to him at each location for help in finding the locations of the photos in your Sheikah Slate, to recover your lost memories.

Complete Locked Mementos

Before you can get clues from Pikango, you need to complete the Locked Mementos quest to start the Captured Memories quest. Then leave Impa's house and talk to Pikango, who can be found between Impa's House and the Goddess Statue.

Complete Find the Fairy Fountain

After you complete the above, talk to Pikango and he gives you the Find the Fairy Fountain quest. Follow him, and when he stops, go farther along the path to find the Great Fairy Fountain. Before you take a picture of it, you need to walk up the orange steps and examine it, then pay the 100 rupees to open it. Then take a picture of it (make sure the picture has a red exclamation mark) and talk to Pikango again to complete the quest. He will look at one of your photos and tell you where it was taken, and he can then be found at various locations throughout Hyrule (listed below), where he can give you information about the rest of the photos.

List of Pikango Locations

After completing the above steps, talk to Pikango at the following locations for information about the locations of the photos in your Sheikah Slate. If he is not there, it means that you already recalled the memory associated with the picture that he would have given a hint for.