Faron Tower

This page explains how to find and climb Faron Tower in Hyrule.

Reaching Faron Tower

Go east on the road that goes past Lake Tower. Eventually you will reach a fork in the road in the Faron Woods. Go left at the fork. Continue along the road, then after you go across the Sarjon Bridge, there will be another fork in the road. Go left at this fork. You will see the base of the tower on the left. Go slightly past it to find a cliff on the other side of the river that you can float to. From there, climb the cliffs to reach the base of the tower, but beware of the Thunder Wizzrobe that floats around the area.

Climbing Faron Tower

The tower does not have platforms near the ground, but you don't need to climb all the way up from the bottom. Instead, if you don't have an Octo Balloon in your Materials Inventory, go south from the base of the tower to find a stone-walled pit that contains a couple of Octo Balloons.

Then go back toward the base of the tower, and look for short stone walls with big flat rocks on top. One of these big flat rocks is blocking an updraft. Stand on one of the big flat rocks, hold an Octo Balloon, and drop the balloon on the flat rock. The rock will float up. If it does not reveal an updraft, try another big flat rock until you find the updraft. Then while standing over the updraft, press X twice to float up on the updraft. When you have gone as high up as the updraft will take you, float to the tower. You should be near the platforms at the top, with a fair amount of stamina left over so you can climb to the platform and catch your breath. From there, you can climb the short distance to the top of the tower.