Shada Naw Shrine Guide: Red Giveaway

A guide on how to find and complete the Shada Naw shrine and solve the "Red Giveaway" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

Go east from Sha Warvo Shrine to find Hebra Trailhead Lodge. Go inside if you want to rest or cook, and read the book there for some advice.

Then climb the ladders next to the cabin. Then go northeast. Eventually you will find an updraft. Float up it and go northeast from there, and do the same thing at the next updraft. Keep going northeast and the path will curve northward, then northwest through a tunnel with ice stalactites. After that, go northeast when you can, and float up in the updrafts there. Then go north and look for the cabin. The shrine is northwest of the cabin.

How to Solve the Shrine

There is a magnetic treasure chest in a corner of the room. Use Magnesis to pull it down. Open it to get a Great Frostblade.

Then go down to the lower level and use Magnesis, and look at the walls. A block in the wall will turn red. Pull it out of the wall with Magnesis to create a platform. Then use Magnesis to put the big metal box on top of the platform that you just pulled out.

Then pick up the glowing orange orb and stand on the light-colored platform near the elevator where you entered the shrine. You need to throw the orb toward the fan in the corner of the room, but you need to time it correctly so that the moving platform on the other side of the room will be in the path of the orb. Try throwing the orb when the platform is touching the wall. If you time it correctly, the orb will be pushed over the platform while it is against the wall. When the orb goes into the target hole, the platform that you're standing on will rise, and you can walk from there to Shada Naw to get the Spirit Orb.