Gerudo Tower

This page explains how to find and climb Gerudo Tower in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

How to Find the Tower

Gerudo Tower can be seen from Daqo Chisay Shrine if you look north.

To reach the tower, go northeast from Gerudo Town to Kara Kara Bazaar. From there, go northwest toward the tower. The sand will slope up to a short ledge with Bokoblins and a Moblin on it. Carefully climb up that ledge, then after you get past the monsters, go west up the slope. You will go through a narrow passage and you will see the tower at the end.

In this area, go up the spiral, fighting monsters along the way. At the west side of the spiral, continue going up the ramp that goes northward.

At the top, there are some mining platforms. One mining elevator has four small metal boxes on it. Remove all but one of those boxes. Put one of the boxes on top of the ladder platform. Then climb up the ladder and move that box onto the small platform next to the elevators that you removed the small boxes from. Climb up the next ladder and go to the end near the ledge where you put the metal box. Use Magnesis to put the metal box upper side of the elevator. The two elevator halves will come to the middle. Stand on the near half of the elevator, then use Magnesis to remove the small metal box from your side and put it on the other side. The elevator will take you up to the upper level.

From there, go up the ramp to reach the covered platform that points toward the tower. Go to the end of the platform and float to the tower from there. You will be near the lowest platforms of the tower, so you can easily climb up the rest of the way.