Rin Oyaa Shrine Guide: Directing the Wind

A guide on how to find and complete the Rin Oyaa shrine and solve the "Directing the Wind" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

From Hebra Tower, go northeast along the road to find this shrine next to Snowfield Stable.

How to Solve the Shrine

There is an orb near where you entered the shrine, and a target hole down below. If you put the orb into the hole, the platform near Rin Oyaa rises. However, you need to be standing on that platform when it rises.

Go down to the lower level and use Magnesis to put the magnetic blocks on the ledge above the base of the ramp that leads to Rin Oyaa. There is a chest in that corner of the room, and putting those blocks there will allow you to jump across after you are lifted up to Rin Oyaa's area on the platform.

Take the orb down to the lower level and stand near the metal walkway that goes between a fan and the target hole. Put the orb down and use Stasis on the fan that is pointed at a short ramp nearby. Throw the orb into the path of the frozen fan, then quickly run under the metal walkway and then run up the big ramp onto the pale platform with the four glowing blue squares on top. If you did it correctly, when Stasis wears off, the fans will blow the orb into the target hole while you are standing on the platform, and you will be raised up to Rin Oyaa.

Before you talk to Rin Oyaa, jump over the magnetic blocks that you moved earlier, and open the chest to get an Ancient Core.

Then talk to Rin Oyaa to get the Spirit Orb.