Maka Rah Shrine Guide: Steady Thy Heart

A guide on how to find and complete the Maka Rah shrine and solve the "Steady Thy Heart" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

Go to Sha Warvo Shrine and use the updrafts in the Flight Range to float north. Climb up the north side of the Flight Range. From there, float northwest and look for the torches in a cave in the side of the cliff down below. Float into that cave. If you miss the cave, look for cracked stone piles on the islands in the water down below. Bomb them to reveal updrafts that you can use to float up to the cave.

In the cave, fall down where there is an updraft (use the Paraglider a couple of times to slow down your fall), then follow the path to some water. Swim through and you will find the shrine at the end of the cave.

How to Solve the Shrine

Go forward and light the unlit torch to make the bars open. Carefully walk cross the rotating column where there are no spikes. If you fall off, you will land in the lava.

Then step on the switch and the wall will rise, revealing several Guardian Scouts. Kill them, then use Cryonis to reach the treasure chest in the corner. It contains Bomb Arrows.

Use Cryonis in the other corner of the room to reach the floor switch. Step on it. The wall will open. Step on the floor switch there. Then run up against the wall to avoid the spiked metal ball that is about to roll through the crates in front of you.

Go past the wooden crates. When you reach the top of the ramp, turn around and bomb the cracked blocks above the ramp, then use Magnesis to pull the chest there to you. It contains a Diamond.

Then go to the next area. Use Magnesis to pull the treasure chest to you. It contains an Ancient Core.

Step on the next switch, then go back around the corner to avoid the spiked metal ball that is going to roll down. Spiked balls will continue to roll down, so after the ball rolls past, quickly run up the slope that it came down, and get Magnesis ready. You need to go as far up the slope as you can, because if the spiked ball is moving too quickly, it will be difficult to stop it with Magnesis.

After you get past the spiked balls, the bars in the ceiling will close (but they will reopen if you go back down the slope). Go past the top of the ramp to find Maka Rah and get the Spirit Orb.