Dunba Taag Shrine Guide: Build and Release

A guide on how to find and complete the Dunba Taag shrine and solve the "Build and Release" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

Go to Akh Va'quot Shrine, then go east from Rito Village. Keep going east on the road. After you go past a monster platform, look to the right as you go east. You will eventually see windmills to the right. Go to the nearest windmill and float down to the canyon under that windmill. You will find the Dunba Taag Shrine there.

How to Solve the Shrine

Use Stasis on the rotating gear when the rotating chute is facing upward and is angled slightly toward where the boulders are coming from. If you do it correctly, the next boulder will hit the plunger and activate it. If the plunger only gets partially pushed, just make another boulder hit it. The bars will open.

Go into the area on the left with the four stone barrels. Pick up a barrel and put it on the raised platform across from the wall of stone cubes. Use Stasis on the barrel and hit it with a weapon toward the stone cubes. When Stasis wears off (or you turn it off manually), the barrel will be launched at the wall of stone cubes. Keep launching barrels at the cubes until they fall, then launch a barrel at the plunger beyond. When you activate the plunger, the bars will open. Open the chest inside to get a Falcon Bow.

Look for an area with a round boulder. Push the boulder to the ramp, then use Stasis on it and hit it in the direction of the ramp. When Stasis wears off (or you turn it off manually), the boulder will go over the ramp and activate the floor switch beyond the ramp. Open the chest in the area beyond the bars to get a Great Thunderblade.

Go to the far end of the room and launch a stone barrel at the tall piece of stone on the other side of the gap. When you make the stone fall, it will land on the plunger on the other side, opening the bars. Go through and talk to Dunba Taag to get the Spirit Orb.