Sha Warvo Shrine Guide: Path of Hidden Winds

A guide on how to find and complete the Sha Warvo shrine and solve the "Path of Hidden Winds" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

This shrine can be seen from Akh Va'quot Shrine in Rito Village. You can float from the village to this shrine, or get a horse at the stable east of Rito Village and ride it clockwise around the road to reach this shrine.

How to Solve the Shrine

Go straight ahead to the fan that is blowing an updraft. Float in the updraft to reach the platform up above. Then float in the next updraft, but beware of the Guardian Scout on the platform up above. You can try to land on the platform to kill the scout, or shoot arrows at it from the updraft. Then get on the platform where the scout was, and open the chest to get a purple rupee.

Then float on the updraft to the platform across from where you got the purple rupee, and float in that updraft to a moving platform up above. Ride on the platform to the ladder, and climb up the ladder. Float in the updraft at the top, and go around the floating column of stone to find a hole around the side with a fan in it. Float in the updraft from that fan. You can float from there to a small platform with a treasure chest on it. The chest contains a Knight's Bow.

Then float back to the nearest updraft, and use it to go around to the hidden fan in the side of the floating column. From there, you can float to Sha Warvo and get the Spirit Orb.