Goma Asaagh Shrine Guide: A Major Test of Strength

A guide on how to find and complete the Goma Asaagh shrine.

How to Reach the Shrine

To find this shrine, you will need a source of fire, such as flint, or a flame weapon. From Shada Naw Shrine, go southeast so that you are against the south wall of Hebra East Summit. There is a Blizzrobe along the way. You will pass by a campsite that has a couple of bundles of wood. Go farther southeast to find several large chunks of ice on the wall. Your Sheikah Sensor will indicate a shrine nearby. Start campfires next to the chunks of ice, or equip a flame weapon and stand there. The ice will slowly melt. After it has all melted, the shrine will be revealed.

About the Shrine

This is a Major Test of Strength shrine. Instead of cracked pillars, there is shallow water on the floor, so you can use Cryonis to create pillars. The Guardian Scout wields a Guardian Spear++, Ancient Battle Axe++, and Guardian Sword++. The chest in the shrine contains a Royal Claymore.