Lakna Rokee Shrine Guide: Lakna Rokee's Blessing

A guide on how to find and complete the Lakna Rokee shrine.

How to Reach the Shrine

Before you can find this shrine, you have to complete three quests in Kakariko Village. First, you need to complete the Seek Out Impa quest and the Locked Mementos quest. Then, talk to a guard in front of Impa's house if you haven't already. Then during the day, talk to Cado, who can be found in front of the house across from the armor shop in Kakariko Village. He asks you to find his Cuccos. This starts the Flown the Coop quest. You also need to talk to Pikango, who can be found across from Impa's house, and complete his Find the Fairy Fountain quest. Then at 10:00PM or later, go into the southeastern house and talk to Lasli. Complete the By Firefly's Light quest.

After you have completed those three quests, go into Impa's house and talk to Paya to start the Stolen Heirloom quest. Sit by a fire until night, then stand in front of Impa's house. At 10:00PM, one of the guards walks away. Follow him, but keep your distance to avoid being seen.

When you reach the shrine platform, a Yiga Blademaster will appear. After the cutscene, kill the Yiga Blademaster.

Afterward, put the orb into the pedestal. The Lakna Rokee shrine will appear.

About the Shrine

The chest in the shrine contains an Edge of Duality.