Hila Rao Shrine Guide: Drifting

A guide on how to find and complete the Hila Rao shrine and solve the "Drifting" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

To find this shrine, it is helpful if you have a spear with you. Go to Kaya Wan Shrine and go south along the riverbank. Soon you will see a shrine on an island in the river. Go south until you can float to that island from the riverbank. Don't step on the flowers. Go to the west side of the island and talk to Magda, who tells you not to step on the flowers. Carefully go through the flower maze. Chuchus will attack in certain parts of the maze, so use a spear to kill them (this way you don't risk cutting the flowers with a sword or axe that you swing side-to-side). When you are close to the entrance of the shrine, be careful of the small patch of flowers just before the shrine.

How to Solve the Shrine

Wait for a piece of wood to float past. Walk across it to the next area. Then in the next area, go across the three pieces of wood that go past. If necessary, use Cryonis to stop them. Before you continue on, use Magnesis on the chest in the water to pull it to you. Open it to get an opal.

In the next area, use Cryonis under the wooden treasure chest, and open it to get some ice arrows.

Then make a Cryonis platform in front of the cracked blocks, and put a square Remote Bomb on top of it. Go back to the ledge across from where the bomb is, then detonate the bomb to get rid of the blocks. Then use Cryonis platforms to go to where the cracked blocks where, and from there go talk to Hila Rao to get the Spirit Orb.