Chaas Qeta Shrine Guide: A Major Test of Strength

A guide on how to find and complete the Chaas Qeta shrine.

How to Reach the Shrine

One way to reach this shrine is to go along the road leading south from Hateno Ancient Tech Lab (which is east of Myahm Agana Shrine), then go around to the east side of Hateno Bay, where you will find a raft. Look south to see the shrine. You can sail the raft there. Try cutting down trees until you get a Korok Leaf. Use the Korok Leaf behind the sail to make the raft move along the water.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of stamina and/or stamina-refilling foods, you can go to Muwo Jeem Shrine and float northeast from there to land on Tenoko Island, where you will find this shrine.

About the Shrine

This is a Major Test of Strength shrine.