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Twisted Flow Mission

This mission starts with Marche walking along the Ulei River, when suddenly he senses something strange. A mysterious circle of darkness flashes, and then it grows and engulfs the entire region.

Marche finds himself inside of a sort of temple, with a large, floating crystal at the center. A voice rings out, demanding "speak your name, you who profane the light." Marche answers nervously, and Famfrit appears. This creature is a Totema, a powerful boss.

Famfrit is very strong. You only need to kill the boss to win this mission, but defeating the floateyes and ahrimans might help reduce the difficulty of this battle.

Check on the Ahrimans to find out which one has the dangerous Roulette ability. This ability will randomly choose someone on screen (an ally or enemy) and instantly KO that person. You might want to kill this monster as soon as possible to avoid losing members of your party.

The only thing you can do in this battle is just bring down Famfrit's HP as quickly as possible. Anything that you can do to improve your chance of hitting him is a good thing. Famfrit is susceptible to sleep, which will give you a 100% chance to hit him.

Once you have defeated Famfrit, he explains that the crystal is a "world thread" that keeps this world together. Famfrit was born to the Moogles, and with his defeat, he offers to give his powers to the Moogles in your clan. This means that if a Moogle in your party has 10 Judge Points, he will be able to use the Totema's power to inflict damage upon every enemy on screen.

Famfrit disappears and the crystal shatters. Then you will see Mewt on the screen, shaking his head. He disappears. Then you are told that when all of the crystals are gone, this desert world of St. Ivalice will disappear and be replaced with a different one.

Next, you see a scene that takes place in Bervenia Palce, where Judgemaster Cid (Mewt's father) walks in to Mewt's room. Mewt is the prince, and he is troubled because he suddenly recalled having a snowball fight in a schoolyard. Cid is confused because as far as he knows, Mewt is a prince who has never gone to school, so nothing like that could have ever happened. Mewt quickly forgets about it, and his mother, Queen Remedi, walks in with Mewt's servant Babus. Mewt says that he wants the laws to be made stronger, and Remedi agrees to make it so.

Marche finds himself back at Ulei River after the battle. He knows now how to return home, and resolves to find the other crystals and destroy them.

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