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Jagd Hunt Mission

In the battle that ensues when you go to Jagd Dorsa, remember: your units can get KOed, but revive them as soon as possible because otherwise they are dead forever!

The biggest dangers are probably the assassin (who has an instant KO ability) and the hunter, who can inflict a random status ailment (including doom, which will KO an ally in a few moves). The ninja is also a high priority as he has some very painful attack power. The blue mage is a fairly big concern with his monster skills. The other enemies are an antlion and toughskin. They are the lowest priority.

After the battle, Marche expresses the understandable desire to never have to go to a Jagd again. Go back to Baguba Port and Nono thanks you for helping. He reluctantly takes the portion of the reward that Marche offers him, and Nono realizes that he will need much more money to repair his airship for good. So he turns his ship into a merchant ship. He will show up in the shop at Baguba Port with Trade Goods. To get Nono to bring more trade goods, you'll need to link up with another GBA.

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