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Hot Awakening Mission

Marche enters the Roda Volcano area, and there is a tremor, and then a circle of blackness engulfs him like before. In the temple-like area, there is a giant crystal, and some butterflies floating around. Marche approaches the giant crystal, and then some smaller Ultima Crystals appear. These are the enemies that you must fight.

The crystals can't move, and their only ability is Logos, a spell that charms characters and lowers their attack and defense. The best strategy is to keep everyone but one person away from the crystals. A crystal will aways use its fight ability if one unit is standing right next to it, and it does not have good attack power. One by one, you can pick off the Ultima Crystals until they are all gone.

Once they are gone, Marche guesses that this Totema is for the Nu Mou. The crystal shatters, and you see Mewt, who doesn't seem to see you but asks who is trying to destroy his world. Then you're back in Roda Volcano.

The new Nu Mou totema damages MP of all enemies on screen.

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