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Guide to Dispatch Missions

Introduction to Dispatch Missions

What follows is a guide to how Dispatch Missions work in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

How to do a Dispatch Mission

To do a dispatch mission, all you have to do is choose one of your units for the job. If the unit has a high chance of success, he or she will jump up and down when the cursor is highlighting that unit. If the unit has a 50/50 chance of success or failure, the unit will be walking. If the unit will probably fail, the unit will kneel in the "critically injured" pose.

How Success or Failure is Determined

Each Dispatch Mission has a secret Difficulty value, and the likelihood that a particular unit from your clan can successfully finish the mission depends on that unit's competence.

Unit Competence

A unit's competence depends entirely on that unit's level, HP, MP, and other statistics. To be specific, here's the formula:

Level * 2 + (HP / 15) + (MP / 15) + (Total Weapon Attack / 10) + (Total Weapon Defense / 10) + (Total Magic Power / 10) + (Total Magic Resistance / 10)

Note that the attack and defense statistics here ARE affected by a unit's equipment, so be sure to outfit your desired unit with the best possible armor and weapons for the best chance of success.

Then, if a unit has the Recommended Job listed in the mission description, increase the above value by 20% (in other words, multiply by 120 and divide by 100).

Also, if your clan has the recommended skills, increase the above value by 5%.

Note that some missions secretly have "forbidden jobs," or jobs that can't possibly complete the mission successfully. Trying to send a unit in that has one of these forbidden jobs will always reduce your chance of success to zero.

After factoring in bonuses, the Attack value from your character's primary weapon is added to the competence score.

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