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Job Classes in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The following is a list of all of the jobs in the game. Because the different races have different strengths and weaknesses, some jobs are available only to specific races, while some jobs can be held by more than one race.

A job determines a character's abilities during battle, and also determines the growth of a character's various statistics (like weapon attack, speed, etc.)


There are 11 human jobs.

  1. Soldier
  2. Fighter
  3. Paladin
  4. Thief
  5. Ninja
  6. Archer
  7. Hunter
  8. Black Mage
  9. White Mage
  10. Blue Mage
  11. Illusionist


There are 8 viera jobs.

  1. Fencer
  2. Archer
  3. Sniper
  4. Assassin
  5. Red Mage
  6. Elementalist
  7. White Mage
  8. Summoner

Nu Mou

There are 8 nu mou jobs.

  1. White Mage
  2. Black Mage
  3. Beastmaster
  4. Sage
  5. Alchemist
  6. Illusionist
  7. Time Mage
  8. Morpher


There are 7 bangaa jobs.

  1. White Monk
  2. Warrior
  3. Dragoon
  4. Bishop
  5. Templar
  6. Defender
  7. Gladiator


There are 8 moogle jobs.

  1. Black Mage
  2. White Mage
  3. Thief
  4. Animist
  5. Mog Knight
  6. Time Mage
  7. Juggler
  8. Gadgeteer

The jobs in detail

Here are all of the details about jobs.

Races: Human
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Battle Tech
Notes: Their abilities mostly consist of healing, and undermining the enemy's
abilities, with strong attack power.

Races: Human, Moogle
Pre-requisites: none
A-abiilities: Steal
Notes: Thieves can steal all sorts of things, ranging from gil and EXP to 
helms and weapons.

Races: Human, Viera
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Aim
Notes: Archer abilities include increasing their own attributes, or disabling
the enemy in various ways (blindness, disable, etc.)

White Mage
Races: Human, Viera, Nu Mou, Moogle
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: White Magic
Notes: White mages have healing magic, and can increase HP and defenses.
Their holy healing spells can also do damage to undead monsters like zombies
and vampires.

Black Mage
Races: Human, Nu Mou, Moogle
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Black Magic
Notes: Black mages have offensive magic, inflicting damage with elemental

Races: Bangaa
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Battle Tech
Notes: Warriors are much like human soldiers, with similar
enemy-undermining abilities.

White Monk
Races: Bangaa
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Monk Tech
Notes: White Monks have ranged attacks and other attack abilities, and some
healing abilities.

Races: Nu Mou
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Control
Notes: Beastmasters can learn to control enemy monsters.  The enemy 
will be under player control when it gets to its turn as long as the
Beastmaster is still alive and controlling the beast.  This is especially
useful in conjunction with a Blue Mage, who can learn monster skills.

Races: Viera
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Lunge Tech
Notes: Fencers can do ranged attacks in addition to attacks that affect
status in various ways.  They also have the ability to learn the Reflex
reaction ability, which makes them completely immune to Fight attacks.

Races: Moogle
Pre-requisites: none
A-abilities: Call
Notes: Animists call on animals to help them out, inflicting damage or
affecting attributes and status.

Races: Human
Pre-requisites: 2 Soldier A-abilities
A-abilities: Fighter Tech
Notes: Fighters inflict serious HP damage with strong attack power and ranged

Races: Human
Pre-requisites: 2 Soldier A-abilities
A-abilities: Chivalry
Notes: Paladins can help strengthen their allies while inflicting decent
damage to enemies.

Races: Human
Pre-requisites: 2 Thief A-abilities
A-ability: Ninja Skill
Notes: Ninjas do a lot of HP damage to enemies and can also use some elemental
veils to cause status ailments and damage.

Races: Human
Pre-requisites: 2 Archer A-abilities
A-ability: Hunt
Notes: Hunters have abilities that make them ideal for fighting monsters.
They can even learn the Capture ability, which sends a monster to the
Monster Bank in Cyril, making that monster's soul available to a Morpher in
your party, who can then use that monster's abilities.

Blue Mage
Races: Human
Pre-requisites: 1 Black Mage A-ability and 1 White Mage A-ability
A-ability: Blue Magic
Notes: Blue Mages have the ability to learn certain monster skills.  The
Blue Mage must equip a Blue Saber and equip the Learning ability.
When the Blue Mage is affected by a monster skill wielded by the original
monster or an enemy Blue Mage (but not a Morpher or ally Blue Mage),
then the Blue Mage will learn that skill if he survives the attack.
It is important to note that some types of monsters cannot be encountered
again in the game after certain points, so it is important to learn the
skills from those monsters before they "disappear" from the game.

Races: Human, Nu Mou
Pre-requisites: 3 White Mage A-abilities and 5 Black Mage A-abilities
A-ability: Phantasm Skill
Notes: All Illusionist spells are Target All.  They have elemental skills
at their disposal to inflict different types of damage on all enemies on
the screen.  They provide an excellent means of wearing down the enemy

Races: Bangaa
Pre-requisites: 2 White Monk A-abilities
A-ability: Prayer
Notes: They can cast different types of magic.

Races: Bangaa
Pre-requisites: 2 Warrior A-abilities
A-ability: Defend
Notes: They have skills that damage the enemy, as well as skills that 
help themselves.  Kind of like a Paladin.

Races: Bangaa
Pre-requisites: 2 Warrior A-abilities
A-ability: Dragon Tech
Notes: They can use dragon breath skills and other offensive skills. They
also have abilities that affect dragons in particular.

Races: Bangaa
Pre-requisites: 2 Warrior A-abilities
A-ability: Spellblade Tech
Notes: Gladiators can learn elemental damage skills and physical damage

Races: Bangaa
Pre-requisites: 2 White Monk A-abilities
A-ability: Sacred Tech
Notes: Templars have status-altering abilities and offensive damage abilities.

Races: Nu Mou
Pre-requisites: 3 White Mage A-abilities, 5 Black Mage A-abilities
A-ability: Alchemy Skill
Notes: Alchemists have strong offense, and also affect status of enemies.

Races: Nu Mou
Pre-requisites: 5 Beastmaster skills
A-ability: Morph
Notes: To have an effective Morpher, you need to also have a Hunter
to capture monsters.  A Morpher can then equip a monster's soul as a weapon
and can transform into that type of monster during the course of battle.
If you have multiple types of a monster (like a Goblin and a Red
Cap) then you can use the skills of both of those types of monsters when
you have a Goblin soul equipped.  Be sure to feed the monsters with items
while in the Monster Bank, to raise their stats.

Races: Nu Mou
Pre-requisites: 2 Beastmaster A-abilities and 3 White Mage A-abilities
A-ability: Sagacity Skill
Notes: Some offensive magic, and some status-changing magic.

Time Mage
Races: Nu Mou, Moogle
Pre-requisites: 5 Black Mage A-abilities
Notes: They cause status changes that affect the speed of the enemy, as well
as some damaging spells.

Races: Viera
Pre-requisites: 1 Sniper A-ability, 2 Elementalist A-abilities
Notes: Has an ability to instantly KO an enemy, and can also inflict status
changes.  A very powerful job class.

Races: Viera
Pre-requisites: 2 Archer A-abilities
A-ability: Sharpshoot
Notes: Abilities that do damage, inflict deadly status ailments, destroy
enemy weapons and armor.

Red Mage
Races: Viera
Pre-requisites: 1 Fencer
A-ability: Red Magic
Notes: Can use healing magic and offensive magic.

Races: Viera
Pre-requisites: 1 elementalist, 2 white mage
A-abilities: Elemental damage, and healing spells.

Races: Viera
Pre-requisites: 1 fencer, 1 white mage
A-ability: Spirit magic
Notes: Elemental damage with some status ailments.

Races: Moogle
Pre-requisites: 1 animist
A-ability: Gunmanship
Notes: Elemental damage, regular damage, and status ailments.  Extremely
large range of attack.

Mog Knight
Races: Moogle
Pre-requisites: 1 animist
A-ability: Charge
Notes: Does damage, and also raises stats.

Races: Moogle
Pre-requisites: 2 thief
A-ability: Stunt
Notes: Inflicts damage and status ailments.

Races: Moogle
Pre-requisites: 2 thief
A-abilty: Pandora Magic
Notes: Can do damage and affect status, affecting all members of either
your team or the enemy's team, chosen randomly. If the coin that emerges
from the Gadgeteer's pandora's box displays a sun, you and your allies
will be affected.  If it displays a moon, then the enemy will be affected.
When employing a gadgeteer in a battle, be sure to use equipment that
safeguards against some of the nastier status effects, like Doom.

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