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The Cheetahs Mission

Enemies: Archer, Thief, Black Mage, White Monk, Fighter

Marche's classmate Ritz is in the forest with her friend, a Viera named Shara. Ritz's clan is called The Cheetahs. The most dangerous enemies in this battle are the Archer and the White Monk. So kill those first. Then you can target whoever, and you'll be fine. Ritz and Shara make this battle a snap.

After the battle, Ritz expresses how happy she is in this world, much to Marche's dismay. He says that he really wants to go back to the real world, and she says that she won't help him.

Now you can place the Eluut Sands symbol. At the pub in Cyril, Marche tells Montblanc how surprised he was that Ritz doesn't want to go back to the real world. When he saw her in Nubswood, he was so sure that she would help out, so now he's really depressed that she didn't want to help.

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