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Golden Clock Mission

In this mission, you have to battle against some criminals who have been making fake clocks. You will fight alongside Shara and Ritz. Marche asks Ritz if she knows about the bounty on Marche's head, and she replies that she does, but she would never turn him in.

Ritz yells to the clock forgers in the area to come out of hiding. There is a Gadgeteer, a Nu Mou Time Mage, an Alchemist, and a Juggler. Ritz and Shara are a great help in this battle, but be sure to revive them if either one gets KOed, because you'll fail the mission if they aren't revived before all the enemies are gone.

The Gadgeteer's random status effects are pretty problematic. You might want to silence him to keep him from randomly affecting people, but on the other hand, if you're lucky, your party will get a beneficial effect like Haste, or the enemies might all get poisoned, or things like that. It's up to you whether you want to take that gamble or not. As for the Alchemist, his Aero spell is very deadly, but his other abilites aren't too devastating. The Time Mage has Demi, which is pretty harmful. He also has Slow and Stop, which can disrupt the battle a lot. As with the others, Silencing the Time Mage will help you out for a while. The Juggler can cause some status ailments like Confuse, Berserk and Frogshape. Personally I recommend getting rid of the Gadgeteer first to make the battle more straightforward, then either go for the Time Mage or the Alchemist next. The Juggler is probably OK to leave for last.

During the battle, Ritz and Marche will discuss Mewt's world. Marche doesn't understand what is so powerful about this world that would make Ritz feel OK about leaving behind her family and friends from the real world. Ritz doesn't understand why Marche doesn't feel that this world is better than the real world.

After the battle is over, Marche expresses his concern for Shara and Ritz, saying that he worries that they will get in trouble for helping Marche. Shara replies that if she and Ritz got in trouble, she would simply turn Marche in. Marche is downcast, and starts to leave. Ritz threatens that she might join sides with Mewt.

When Ritz and Shara are by themselves after Marche leaves, Shara asks Ritz why she was so cold to Marche, when it seems like he's just worried about her. Shara also expresses concern about the fact that Ritz is willing to leave behind her friends and family to stay in this world. Ritz reveals that the main reason that she wants to stay in this world is that her hair is red in this world, instead of white like in the real world. It made her Mom very sad to have to dye her hair red every morning, and for Ritz to do it herself when she got old enough. She would rather forget the old world so that she never has to be called "whitey-locks" again.

Next, we see Mewt, upset that the palace has not caught Marche yet. He demands that Cid catch Marche, and he flies into a fury about the fact that his mother seems to be gone, shaking Babus in frustration.

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