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Shampoodle's is a hair salon that you can unlock in Main Street. At Shampoodle's, you can talk to Harriet the poodle. She can change your hair style, hair color, and eye color. She can also change your appearance to match one of the Miis that you have created in Mii Maker.

How to Unlock Shampoodle's

To unlock Shampoodle's, you first have to unlock Kicks. To do that, you have to spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sisters' shop. Kicks will open if it has been at least ten days since your town was created. Then, spend 10,000 bells in Able Sisters' or Kicks. After Kicks has been open for at least ten days, Shampoodle's will unlock and open on the second story of the Able Sisters' building.

How to Change your Hairstyle

Talk to Harriet and pay to have her change your hairstyle. Sit in the styling chair and Harriet will ask you a series of questions. Your answers determine the hairstyle that she gives you. The following chart displays the hairstyles you can get for your character based on your answers to Harriet's questions. Note: You can only get your hairstyle changed once per day.

Slider ValueAnswer 1Answer 2Male HairstyleFemale Hairstyle
CasualLoose and wavyLaid-back
StylishRole model
I like being left alone
MessyI wish I could clean it
It's on purpose
CleanI like to style my hair!
Natural is best!
I'm very serious!Fight and overcome!
Grin and bear it!
I'm a troublemaker!I'll settle down.
Rebel for life!

How to Change your Hair Color

When changing your hair style, Harriet also asks questions about your desired hair color. There are sixteen possible hair colors.

Color TypeChoiceColor
NaturalSlider at topBlack
Slider near topAsh brown
Slider centered between middle and topChocolate brown
Slider just above middleLight brown
Slider at middleOrange
Slider just below middlePale greyish brown
Slider near bottomRed-gold
Slider at bottomBlonde
IntenseBurning love colorApple red
Forest colorDark green
Deep sea colorDark blue
Moody colorPastel Purple
BrightSweet lovePink
Clear skySky blue
New leavesLight green
Angel wingsWhite

Opposite Gender Hairstyle

After Harriet has changed your hairstyle fifteen times, Harriet might offer to give you an opposite gender hairstyle.

Messy Hairstyle

If you don't play your game for fifteen days, your character will automatically have a "messy" hairstyle. You can fix it by going back to Shampoodle and getting a new hairstyle. You won't get the messy hairstyle if the Beautiful Town ordinance is in effect.


Harriet can also give you makeup to look like any Mii that you have saved in Mii Maker. Just ask for the Makeup option. The cost is 3000 bells. Harriet will create a mask that looks just like the Mii. You can put the mask on or take it off at any time.

Your Mii Masks will be below your custom designs, which you can access by tapping the pencil tab on the touch screen. Tap a Mii Mask to put it on. Tap "Mii" to take it off. You can also take your Mii Mask off by opening your inventory, tapping your person, and selecting "remove hat". The Mii Mask will also automatically be removed if you put on an accessory or other hat.

How to Change your Eye Color

If it has been fourteen days since you first changed your hairstyle with Harriet, you can ask Harriet to give you color contacts. Your answers to her questions change the color that you get. There are six possible eye colors: black, brown, green, greenish-blue, blue, navy blue. The table below explains how to get the different eye colors.

Answer 1Answer 2Eye Color
Vast skyPitch blackBlack
Clear blue skyNavy blue
Like the rain was comingGreenish blue
Large treesAbundant leavesGreen
Sturdy trunksBrown
Endless shadeBlack
Endless oceanTropical, blue oceanBlue
Cold, wintry oceanGreenish blue
Ocean of coralGreen
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