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Public Works Projects

In New Leaf, you can build public works projects (PWP). These include things like lamp posts, fountains, and benches, and also include buildings such as The Roost Café and expansions such as the museum shop. This page explains how to create public works projects and has a list of everything that you can create.

Starting a New Project

To start a new building project, go to the town hall and sit in your mayor's chair. Isabelle will come over and give you some options. Choose to build a public works project. Choose the new project option and Isabelle will show you a list of all of the possible projects that you can build. Pick one of these. It doesn't cost anything to pick something from the list. In most cases, your next step is to choose where to build the new structure. If not, then skip to the Fundraising section below.

Choose a Location

For most building projects, you must choose the spot where the structure will be built. Isabelle will come out of the Town Hall with you and ask you to walk to the spot where you want to build the project. Walk to the desired spot and then ask Isabelle if it's a good spot. If not, she will tell you why not. For example, she might say that the spot is too close to houses, or there is not enough space around the spot. Once you choose a good spot, Isabelle will show you what the finished structure will look like in the spot that you chose, and will ask if it's okay with you. If so, say yes. A roped-off area will appear in that spot, with a gyroid. The next step is fundraising.


After you have chosen a spot, talk to the gyroid, Lloid, in the roped-off area. It will tell you how many bells are required before the project can be built. If there is no roped-off area, Lloid will be in the train station. You can give Lloid bells. Your villagers might also make small donations over time. In addition, if other players visit your town, they can donate bells as well. Once all of the funds have been raised, the new structure will appear the next day. The next step is the dedication ceremony.

Dedication Ceremony

For the building project to be truly complete, you have to have a dedication ceremony. (You won't be able to start a new project until you do this!) To do it, go sit in your mayor chair after a project has been completed. Isabelle will ask you to have a dedication ceremony for the completed project. Say yes, and you and Isabelle will stand in front of the new structure (or the train station if Lloid was in there), along with some of your villagers. Isabelle will ask you to say a few words.

Deleting a Public Works Project

If you want to get rid of a public works project, just sit in your mayor chair and ask Isabelle. You can't change the location of an existing public works project, so if you want it to be somewhere else, you have to demolish it first and rebuild it. Please note that some public works projects can't be demolished.

List of Projects

The following is a list of all of the building projects you can add to your town.

Stone Bridge
Wooden Bridge
Brick Bridge
Modern Bridge
Fairy Tale Bridge
Japanese Bridge
Park Bench
Plastic Bench
White Bench
Wrought-Iron Bench
Log Bench
Modern Bench
Fairy Tale Bench
Japanese Bench
My Design Board
Photo Face Board
Exclamation Mark Sign
No Sign
Yield Sign
Modern Clock
Fairy Tale Clock
Japanese Clock
Round Streetlight
Retro Streetlight
Modern Streetlight
Fairy Tale Streetlight
Japanese Streetlight
Picnic Blanket
Outdoor Bed
Garden Chair
Flower bed
Water Fountain
Beekeeping Hive
Trash can
Tire fence
Globe jungle gym
Balloon Arch
Flower Arch
Japanese Rock Garden
Small pond
Girl fountain
Stone sculpture
Water Pump
Vine Roof
Japanese Bell
Fire Hydrant
Traffic Light
Revolving Art
Stone Art
Red Art
Illuminated Heart
Illuminated Arch
Illuminated Ring
Illuminated Tower
Stadium Lights
Big Monitor
Oil Rig
Satellite Dish
Solar Panels
Wind Turbine
Totem Pole
Moai Face
Round Topiary
Square Topiary
Tulip Topiary
Flower Display
Museum Shop
Resetti Center (Manhole Cover)
Dream Suite
Modern Police Station
Classic Police Station
Fortune Teller
Japanese-Style Town Hall
Fairy Tale Town Hall
Modern Town Hall
Japanese-Style Train Station
Fairy Tale Train Station
Modern Train Station
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