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The Bug Off

The Bug Off is a bug-catching contest hosted by Nat in the town plaza. The objective of the Bug-Off is to catch the highest-quality insects. Bugs are judged based on rarity, size, and color. This page explains how to win.

Entering the Bug-Off

To enter the Bug-Off, just go to the event plaza and give Nat your bugs.

Need a Bug Net?

If you don't have a bug net, you can buy one from Nat for 500 bells.

How to Beat the Current Record

Talk to Nat without giving him a bug to find out what the current highest score is. Enter the score into the box below and press submit. It will show you the rarity level of insect that you need to catch to break the current high score. See below for bugs by rarity.

Current high score:
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How to Find the Best Bugs

Bugs in the Bug-Off are judged by rarity, size, and color. The following sections explain how to get the best-quality bugs.

Bug Rarity

Some bugs are more rare than others. Rare bugs are worth more points than common bugs. The following chart lists bugs in order from rarest to most common.

RarityBugsPoints Range
A (most rare) 100
B 80 - 99
C 60 - 79
D 40 - 59
E 20 - 39
F 0 - 19


The points for the bug are adjusted based on the bug's size. If the bug is above average size, the points increase. If the bug is smaller than average, the points decrease. The table below lists the adjustments.

Size DifferencePoints are Multiplied by a Number in this Range
Bigger than Average Size1.11 - 1.30
Close to Average Size0.91 - 1.10
Smaller than Average Size0.70 - 0.90

Color and Shine

The points for the bug are also adjusted based on the bug's color and luster. The color and shine is randomly determined by Nat. There is no way to determine the color and shine before you give Nat the bug. The point adjustment for color and shine depends on the rarity of the bug, as shown in the table below.

RarityGood Color and ShineAverage Color and ShineDisappointing Color and Shine
A1.21 - 1.301.11 - 1.201.10 - 1.00
B0.90 - 1.10
C0.80 - 1.10
D1.11 - 1.300.91 - 1.100.70 - 0.90


You will get a prize from Nat each time you break the current record. To find out the current record, talk to Nat without giving him a bug. Be sure to give Nat your most common bugs first, then give him more rare ones as the day goes on. This way, you can get a lot of new items from him.

List of Items you can Get from Nat

  • A random item
  • Butterfly Wall
  • Ladybug Carpet
  • A Bug Set item from this list: Firefly Lamp, Hairless Caterpillar Sofa, Ladybug Carpet, Ladybug Chair, Snail Clock, Stag Beetle Chair
  • A Bug Set item from this list: Beetle Chair, Butterfly Table, Butterfly Wall, Cicada Stereo, Honeycomb Chest, Spider Clock

Bug-Off Schedule

Every Bug-Off starts at 9AM and ends at 6PM the same day. Between 6PM and 9PM, you can go into the tent on the event plaza for the award ceremony. If you miss the award ceremony but you won a trophy, you will get it in the mail the next day. The winners are displayed on your town bulletin board next to the train station.

Bug-Off Days and Details

The Bug-Off takes place on the following days:

  • Third Saturday in June
  • Third Saturday in July
  • Third Saturday in August
  • Third Saturday in September
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