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List of Dream Addresses

Top 10 Codes by Most Votes
1. 6E00-002F-BE26 2. 4A00-0013-99E2
3. 6000-2398-6293 4. 5F00-001A-37D5
5. 4E00-001B-46F6 6. 5B00-004C-683C
7. 5B00-004C-184A 8. 5D00-003E-4CF3
9. 2200-3982-6541 10. 2200-3982-6541

The following is a list of Dream Addresses that users have submitted to this site. You can give each code a rating. My town's dream address is 5B00-004C-683C.

To add a Dream Address to this list, go to the Submit a Dream Address page. To get a random Dream Address from the list, go to the random dream town address page.

Displaying codes 1 through 44 out of 44

#Dream TownCurrent Rating#
5 is Good, 1 is Bad
16E00-002F-BE264.468832 votes
27A00-0019-B62C4.16676 votes
35D00-003E-4CF34.16676 votes
46000-2398-62934.000010 votes
54E00-001B-46F63.87508 votes
66D00-0025-5AF33.75004 votes
75F00-0020-3E843.66673 votes
87A00-002C-A6A43.66673 votes
92200-3982-65413.66676 votes
104C00-0047-F1443.66673 votes
115F00-001A-37D53.62508 votes
125B00-004C-683C3.57147 votes
134A00-0013-99E23.562516 votes
147A00-0049-A41C3.50002 votes
155D00-0012-47E33.50002 votes
164B00-002C-98F43.50002 votes
175B00-0011-71A83.40005 votes
185B00-002C-B59F3.40005 votes
195B00-0024-BE6B3.33333 votes
204E00-0017-3E5D3.33333 votes
217A00-0025-6E523.25004 votes
225B00-0011-7D4E3.25004 votes
234C00-000F-65CD3.00002 votes
244C00-0036-27A43.00001 votes
254200-3682-48673.00002 votes
267E00-001A-215A3.00003 votes
277A00-002B-75653.00002 votes
286E00-0016-C74D3.00002 votes
294800-6861-04923.00002 votes
307E00-000F-70293.00005 votes
316C00-0016-35653.00001 votes
325B00-0023-B87E3.00004 votes
335D00-003C-A0793.00002 votes
346500-3304-94593.00002 votes
355B00-004C-184A3.00007 votes
364C00-000F-4C063.00003 votes
374E00-0015-2A623.00001 votes
384F00-0018-43763.00003 votes
396A00-001B-D5AD3.00001 votes
404E00-0011-1F543.00002 votes
415E00-001B-8D083.00001 votes
427A00-002B-80372.50002 votes
434E00-0013-4E1C2.50002 votes
446F00-0011-1F5C2.50002 votes
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