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Feng Shui Guide

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of improving one's life by arranging objects in specific ways. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can take advantage of Feng Shui by placing items of specific colors in specific areas of your house.

The Effects of Each Color

  • Putting yellow items in the correct part of your rooms will increase the amount of money that you find.
  • Putting red items in the correct part of your rooms will increase the number of items that you find.
  • Putting green items in the correct part of your rooms will increase your overall luck.

Item Arrangement for a 4x4 room

yellow yellow red red
yellow yellow red red
yellow and/or green yellow and/or green red and/or green red and/or green
yellow and/or green yellow and/or green red and/or green red and/or green
In a four-by-four room, all squares of the room will affect your feng shui. Put yellow items in the top left area, red items in the top right, yellow and/or green items in the bottom left, and red and/or green in the bottom right.

Item Arrangement for a 6x6 room

yellow yellow red red
yellow yellow red red
yellow yellow red red
yellow yellow red red
yellow and/or green yellow and/or green green green red and/or green red and/or green
yellow and/or green yellow and/or green green green red and/or green red and/or green
In a six-by-six room, some of the middle and upper middle squares are not used for feng shui. Put yellow items in the top left and middle left area, red items in the top right and middle right, yellow and/or green items in the bottom left, green items in the bottom middle, and red and/or green in the bottom right.

List of Items with Feng Shui Colors

The following is a list of items that have at least one of the Feng Shui colors. Placing these items in the appropriate places in a room will increase your Feng Shui.

Red Items

ItemColor 1Color 2Source
3-D GlassesredblueLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Alcohol LampredaquaNooklings Shop
Apple ClockredbeigeNooklings Shop
Apple TVredbeigeNooklings Shop
Argyle High SocksredblackKicks
Bad Bro StacheredblackFortune Cookie
Balloon Dog LampredredBalloon
BandanaredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
BarbecueredredNooklings Shop
Barber ShirtredblueAbles
Baseball ShirtredwhiteAbles
Basic Red BedredbrownNooklings Shop
Beatnik ShirtredblackAbles
Beatnik Shirt LongredblackAbles
Beatnik SleevelessredblackAbles
Bicycle HelmetredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Big Bro's HatredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Big Bro's ShirtredwhiteAbles
Birthday CakeredwhiteBirthday
Birthday CandleredcolorfulBirthday
Birthday TableredwhiteBirthday
Blue Wave ShirtredredAbles
Bold Check ShirtyellowredAbles
BonfireredbrownTent Camper
Cabin RugredNooklings Shop
Cafe ShirtredwhiteAbles
CampfireredbrownIgloo Camper
Candy MachineredcolorfulNooklings Shop
Capsule ToyredbeigeNooklings Shop
Captain's ChairredbeigeSpotlight Item/Wishy
Captain's MonitorredcolorfulSpotlight Item/Wishy
Celebration HatredredKatrina
Check SocksredblackKicks
Checkerboard LongredblackAbles
Checkerboard SkirtredblackAbles
Checkerboard TeeredblackAbles
Chef's OutfitredwhiteAbles
Chinese LanternyellowredGulliver
Chinese PantsredredAbles
Chinese ShirtredblackAbles
Chinese TableredredNooklings Shop
Christmas CandleredredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Christmas DressredwhiteAbles
Clear ModelredblueNooklings Shop
Cloche HatredpurpleGracie (during Winter)
Coin HeadpieceyellowredGracie (during Winter)
Colorful SneakersredblueKicks
Creepy CrystalredblueHalloween
Crew ChairredbeigeSpotlight Item/Wishy
Cuckoo ClockredbrownNooklings Shop
Current Idol DressredblackGracie
Daily Special TVredbrownNooklings Shop
Deluxe FrameyellowredMuseum Shop
Detour ArrowredwhiteNooklings Shop
DharmaredredNooklings Shop
Diamond ShirtredwhiteAbles
DoghouseredbrownNooklings Shop
DollyredredSpotlight Item/Wishy
Dream CatcherredbrownGulliver
Executive ToyredredNooklings Shop
ExtinguisherredredNooklings Shop
Fairy Tale DressredaquaAbles
Festive HatredwhiteNooklings (December 1 through 24 only)
Fiendish ShirtredblackAbles
Fire BarredbrownFortune Cookie
Fire HydrantredredNooklings Shop
Fishing JacketredorangeAbles
Flame PantsredblackAbles
Flame ShirtredblackAbles
Flame Shirt LongredblackAbles
Flame UmbrellaredblackLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Flower Print CamisoleredwhiteAbles
Folk ShirtredwhiteAbles
Fruit BasketyellowredHarvest Festival
Garden GnomeredorangeSpotlight Item/Wishy
Gas PumpredredNooklings Shop
Gelato ShirtgreenredAbles
Gelato Shirt LonggreenredAbles
Giant DharmaredredSpotlight Item/Wishy
Going Up FlagredblackNooklings Shop
Gorgeous BedredblackGracie (during Winter)
Gorgeous ClockredblackGracie (during Winter)
Gorgeous CounterredblackGracie (during Winter)
Gorgeous LampredblackGracie (during Winter)
Gorgeous SeatredredGracie (during Winter)
Gorgeous SofaredredGracie (during Winter)
Gorgeous StoolyellowredGracie (during Winter)
Grass SkirtredbrownAbles
HandcartredredNooklings Shop
Happi CoatredblueAbles
Happy Home JacketredredHappy Room Academy
Happy Home T-shirtredwhiteHappy Room Academy
Heart ShirtredpinkAbles
Hibiscus ClockredredGrass Day
Hibiscus FlowerredredClub Tortimer
High Laced BootsredredKicks
HinaningyoredcolorfulNooklings (March 1 through 3 only)
Hot Dog HatredbrownGracie (during Autumn)
Huge ShadesredblackLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Hula Dance DollredgreenGulliver
Hunter's CapredwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
IronredwhiteNooklings Shop
Iron FrameredredNooklings Shop
JackhammerredgrayNooklings Shop
Jade Check PrintgreenredAbles
Jade Check Print LonggreenredAbles
Jester BootsredpurpleKicks
Jingle BedgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle ChairredredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle ClockgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle DressergreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle LampredredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle PianogreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle ShelvesgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle SofaredredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle TablegreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle TVgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle WardrobegreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jockey HelmetredblackLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Jumbo BilboquetredredNooklings Shop
KartredblackFortune Cookie
KettleredredNooklings Shop
Kneepad PantsredblackGracie
Korean DressredaquaAbles
Ladder ShadesredredSummer Solstice
Ladybug ChairredblackNat
Ladybug ShirtredblackGracie
LanternredwhiteIsabelle or Nooklings
Lawn MowerredredNooklings Shop
Leather JerkinredwhiteAbles
Life RingredwhiteIsland
Lion Dance HelmetredwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Love TesterredwhiteFireworks
Maple BonsairedbrownGarden Center
Maple FloorredSaharah
Maple WallredSaharah
Masquerade DressredblackGracie
Mega Drilloidredredground
Mega Fizzoidredredground
Mega Harmonoidredgrayground
Mega Howloidredredground
Mega Timpanoidredredground
Metal GuitarredredNooklings Shop
MetronomeredredNooklings Shop
Mini Drilloidredredground
Mini Fizzoidredredground
Mini Squelchoidredredground
Mini Timpanoidredredground
Mini-DharmaredredNooklings Shop
Miniature CarredredFireworks
Mischievous Student ShirtredblackAbles
Mountain BootsredblackKicks
Mushroom BedredredMushroom
Mushroom RackredbrownMushroom
Mushroom TableredwhiteMushroom
Mushroom TVredwhiteMushroom
New Year's Eve NoodlesredblackCountdown
Nintendo ShirtredblackAbles
No. 1 ShirtredaquaAbles
No. 4 ShirtredpinkAbles
Nutcracker DollredwhiteGulliver
Octopus ChairredredChip
Orange ConeredredNooklings Shop
Ornament HareredwhiteNew Year's Day
Ornament HorsegreenredNew Year's Day
Ornament OxredblackNew Year's Day
Paper LanternredwhiteNooklings Shop
Partition PolesyellowredMuseum Shop
Pep Squad ShirtredwhiteAbles
Pep Squad SleevelessredwhiteAbles
Persian PantsredwhiteAbles
Phone BoxredredNooklings Shop
Picnic TableredbrownNooklings Shop
Pirate CoatredblackAbles
Plush CarpetredNooklings Shop
PoinsettiagreenredGarden Center
Polka Dot BedredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot ChairredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot ClockredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot ClosetredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot DrawersredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot DressredwhiteAbles
Polka Dot LampredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot Low TableredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot Rain BootsredwhiteKicks
Polka Dot SofaredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot StoolredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot TableredwhiteNooklings Shop
Polka Dot TVredwhiteNooklings Shop
Ponderosa BonsaigreenredGarden Center
Pop Bloom DressgreenredAbles
Pop Bloom ShirtgreenredAbles
Pop-up BookgreenredNooklings Shop
Popcorn MachineredbeigeNooklings Shop
Quince BonsairedblueGarden Center
Quiz StandredredNooklings Shop
Racing HelmetredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Racing PantsredwhiteAbles
Racing ShirtredcolorfulAbles
Red Aloha ShirtredredIsland
Red Argyle TopredredGracie
Red Argyle Top LongredredGracie
Red ArmchairredredNooklings Shop
Red Bar ShirtredwhiteAbles
Red Bar Shirt LongredwhiteAbles
Red Boom BoxredredNooklings Shop
Red Boxer ShortsredgrayAbles
Red CapredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Cavalry ShirtredredGracie
Red Check ShirtredwhiteAbles
Red Check Shirt LongredwhiteAbles
Red Check SkirtredorangeAbles
Red ClockredwhiteNooklings Shop
Red CornerredwhiteNooklings Shop
Red Deck ShoesredredKicks
Red Dot SkirtredredAbles
Red Down JacketredredAbles
Red Flannel ShirtredcolorfulAbles
Red GlassesredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Gym ShortsredredAbles
Red HeadgearredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red HoodredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Hood DressredredAbles
Red New Year HatredredCountdown
Red NoseredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Ogre MaskredredBean Throwing Festival
Red PikmingreenredFortune Cookie
Red Pom-Pom HatredwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Pumpkin HeadredredHalloween
Red RainwearredredAbles
Red RibbonredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Ring ShoesredwhiteKicks
Red ShoesredredKicks
Red Snapper SofaredredChip
Red SofaredredNooklings Shop
Red Stripe PantsredwhiteAbles
Red SweatsuitredwhiteAbles
Red Tartan PantsredorangeAbles
Red Team HatredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Team JacketredredAbles
Red UmbrellaredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red VaseredwhiteNooklings Shop
Red Warmup PantsredredAbles
Red Warmup SuitredredAbles
Red Zap HelmetredwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Red Zap PantsredwhiteAbles
Red Zap SuitredwhiteAbles
Reggae ShirtgreenredAbles
Reggae SleevelessgreenredAbles
Ribbon UmbrellaredwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
RocketredwhiteNooklings Shop
Rose DressredwhiteAbles
Rose ShirtredwhiteAbles
Rose Sky DressredaquaAbles
Rose Sky ShirtredaquaAbles
Rose SofaredredGrass Day
Royal CrownyellowredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Royal ShirtyellowredAbles
Royal ShortsyellowredAbles
Samba DressgreenredAbles
Samba ShirtgreenredAbles
SandbagredgrayNooklings Shop
Santa JacketredwhiteAbles
Santa PantsredwhiteAbles
Saw HorseredwhiteNooklings Shop
Sea Coral BedredredChip
Shisho SuityellowredDr. Shrunk
Silk HatgreenredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Slalom GateredredSnowDad
Sloppy TVredbrownReTail
Small Silk HatredblackGracie (during Spring)
Snow GloberedwhiteNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Snowcone ShirtredwhiteAbles
Snowcone SleevelessredwhiteAbles
SongpyeonredcolorfulAutumn Moon
Stache and GlassesredblackLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
StoolredredNooklings Shop
StoveredwhiteNooklings Shop
Strawberry HatredpinkLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Super MushroomredorangeFortune Cookie
Tall Timpanoidredredground
Three-Ball ShirtredredAbles
ThroneyellowredSpotlight Item/Wishy
Tiki TorchredbrownNooklings Shop
Toad HatredwhiteFortune Cookie
Toad ParasolredwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Toad ShirtredwhiteAbles
Toad Shirt LongredwhiteAbles
Traffic ConeredredNooklings Shop
Trash BinredblueNooklings Shop
Triple ShellsredredFortune Cookie
Tropical ShirtredpurpleAbles
Tropical SleevelessredpurpleAbles
Trump BedredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump ChairredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump ClosetredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump DrawersredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump LampredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump ScreenredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump ShelfredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump SofaredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump TableredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump TowerredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Trump Wall ClockredwhiteGracie (during sales)
Tulip ChairgreenredNooklings Shop
Tulip ShirtyellowredAbles
Tulip TablegreenredNooklings Shop
Two-tone PantsredbeigeGracie
U R Here DressredwhiteAbles
U R Here ShirtredwhiteAbles
Ultra MachineredwhiteFireworks
Uncommon ShirtredbrownAbles
Unknown Crab ClockredredChip
Upright PianoredblackNooklings Shop
Vacuum CleanerredwhiteNooklings Shop
Virtual BoyredblackFortune Cookie
Waffle ShirtgreenredAbles
Waffle Shirt LonggreenredAbles
Wall FloweryellowredNooklings Shop
Wall SockredredNaughty-or-Nice Day
Watch FireredblackNooklings Shop
Watermelon ChairgreenredNooklings Shop
Watermelon ShirtredredAbles
Watermelon SleevelessredredAbles
Watermelon TablegreenredNooklings Shop
White Ankle SocksredwhiteKicks
White StockingsredwhiteKicks
Wine Red TightsredredKicks
Wrestler PantsredaquaAbles
Wrestler ShirtyellowredAbles
Wrestling MaskredredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)

Green Items

ItemColor 1Color 2Source
1-Up MushroomgreenorangeFortune Cookie
12 GrapesgreenwhiteCountdown
AloegreenbrownGarden Center
Argyle KnitgreencolorfulAbles
Baby PandagreenwhiteNooklings Shop
Backyard LawngreenNooklings Shop
Bamboo FlooringgreenNooklings Shop
Bamboo GrassgreencolorfulTanabata
Bamboo WallgreenNooklings Shop
Bath MatgreengreenNooklings Shop
Beach SandalsyellowgreenIsland
Bear ShirtgreenbrownAbles
Bear Shirt LonggreenbrownAbles
Big Festive TreegreencolorfulNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Billiard TablegreenbrownNooklings Shop
Bird BathgreengreenNooklings Shop
Blossoming KimonogreenorangeAbles
Blue PinstripegreenblueAbles
Blue Pinstripe LonggreenblueAbles
Box Corner SofagreengreenNooklings Shop
Box SofagreengreenNooklings Shop
Bright ShirtyellowgreenAbles
BromeliaceaegreenwhiteGarden Center
CactusgreenbrownGarden Center
CaladiumgreenbrownGarden Center
Camo UmbrellagreenbrownLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Cargo PantsgreengreenAbles
Caterpillar TeeyellowgreenGracie
Chevron ShirtgreenbeigeAbles
Chichi PrintgreenwhiteAbles
Classic CarpetgreenNooklings Shop
Classic WallgreenNooklings Shop
Club ShirtyellowgreenAbles
Coconut PalmgreenbrownGarden Center
Combat HelmetgreencolorfulLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Corn PlantgreenwhiteGarden Center
Cosmos FangreenwhiteGrass Day
Creepy CauldrongreenpurpleHalloween
Crewel ShirtgreengrayAbles
Crossing ShirtgreenbrownAbles
CrotongreenwhiteGarden Center
Cucumber HorsegreengreenObon
Cucumber PackgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Dapper DressyellowgreenAbles
Dapper ShirtyellowgreenAbles
Dapper Shirt LongyellowgreenAbles
Dapper SkirtyellowgreenAbles
Deer ScaregreengreenNooklings Shop
Delivery Person HatgreenorangeSavings
Dentistry UnitgreenwhiteNooklings Shop
Desert CactusgreengreenNooklings Shop
Diner TilegreenNooklings Shop
DracaenagreenbrownGarden Center
Emerald Dot SkirtgreenblueAbles
Emergency ExitgreenwhiteNooklings Shop
Eye MaskgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
FangreenaquaNooklings Shop
Fan PalmgreenbrownGarden Center
Fern ShirtgreengreenAbles
Fern Shirt LonggreengreenAbles
Festive TreegreencolorfulNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Festive WreathgreengreenJingle
Fir Tree DressgreenwhiteGracie
Firefly LampyellowgreenNat
Floral WallgreenNooklings Shop
Florence FlaskgreengrayNooklings Shop
Flower BolerogreenwhiteAbles
Flowery ShirtyellowgreenIsland
Forest UmbrellagreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Fresh ShirtgreenwhiteAbles
Fresh SleevelessgreenwhiteAbles
Frog CapgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Frog PantsgreengreenAbles
Frog ShirtgreenbeigeAbles
Frog Shirt LonggreenbeigeAbles
Frog TopgreengreenAbles
Froggy ChairgreengreenNooklings Shop
Gelato ShirtgreenredAbles
Gelato Shirt LonggreenredAbles
Glow ClockyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Grape HatgreenpurpleLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Grape ShirtgreenpurpleAbles
Grape SleevelessgreenpurpleAbles
Grass ShirtgreengreenAbles
Green Bar ShirtgreenwhiteAbles
Green Bar Shirt LonggreenwhiteAbles
Green BedgreenorangeNooklings Shop
Green Belt ShoesyellowgreenKicks
Green BenchgreengreenNooklings Shop
Green BlazergreengreenAbles
Green CapgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Green CardigangreenwhiteAbles
Green ChairgreenorangeNooklings Shop
Green CorsetgreenbeigeAbles
Green CountergreengreenNooklings Shop
Green DeskgreengreenNooklings Shop
Green DressergreenorangeNooklings Shop
Green DrumgreengreenNooklings Shop
Green GlassesgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Green Gym ShortsgreengreenAbles
Green HeadgeargreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Green Knit HatgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Green LampgreenorangeNooklings Shop
Green New Year HatgreengreenCountdown
Green PantrygreengreenNooklings Shop
Green PipegreengreenFortune Cookie
Green Pumpkin HeadgreengreenHalloween
Green RuggreenNooklings Shop
Green ShortsgreengreenAbles
Green Stripe SocksgreenwhiteKicks
Green SweatsuitgreenwhiteAbles
Green TablegreenorangeNooklings Shop
Green Tank TopgreengreenAbles
Green Tartan PantsgreenblackAbles
Green Tie-DyegreenwhiteAbles
Green Tie-Dye SleevelessgreenwhiteAbles
Green UmbrellagreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Green WallgreenNooklings Shop
Green Wall ClockgreenorangeNooklings Shop
Green WardrobegreengreenNooklings Shop
Green Warmup PantsgreengreenAbles
Green Warmup SuitgreengreenAbles
Green Zap HelmetgreenwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Green Zap PantsgreenwhiteAbles
Green Zap SuitgreenwhiteAbles
Gumdrop ShirtgreenpinkAbles
Hairless Caterpillar SofagreengreenNat
Hawthorn BonsaigreenbrownGarden Center
HeadscarfgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Hero's CapgreengreenFortune Cookie
Hero's ClothesgreengreenFortune Cookie
HibiscusgreencolorfulArbor Day
High-Jump MatgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Holly BonsaigreenwhiteGarden Center
Hospital BedgreenwhiteNooklings Shop
HourglassgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Hula Dance DollredgreenGulliver
Jade Check PrintgreenredAbles
Jade Check Print LonggreenredAbles
Jade Econo-ChairgreengreenNooklings Shop
Jingle BedgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle ClockgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle DressergreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle PianogreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle ShelvesgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle TablegreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle TVgreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jingle WardrobegreenredNooklings (December 1 through 23 only)
Jungle CamogreenbrownAbles
Jungle Camo LonggreenbrownAbles
Jungle Camo PantsgreenbrownAbles
Jungle Camo ShortsgreenbrownAbles
Kanji T-shirtgreenwhiteAbles
Kappa CapgreengreenIsland
Kappa PantsgreengreenIsland
Kappa SuitgreengreenIsland
Kinder Dike WindmillgreenwhiteGulliver
Kiwi ShirtyellowgreenAbles
Kiwi SleevelessyellowgreenAbles
Kiwi StoolgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Koopa ShellgreengreenFortune Cookie
Lady PalmgreenbrownGarden Center
Latin UniformyellowgreenAbles
Latin Uniform LongyellowgreenAbles
Leaf MaskgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Leaf ShirtgreenbrownAbles
Leaf UmbrellagreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Left PlatformgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Lemon TableyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Lil' Bro's HatgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Lil' Bro's ShirtgreenwhiteAbles
Lily-Pad TablegreengreenNooklings Shop
Loud Bloom DressgreenpurpleAbles
Loud Bloom ShirtgreenwhiteAbles
Mahjong TablegreenbrownNooklings Shop
Mandarin HatgreenorangeLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Mega BrewsteroidgreenblackBrewster
Mega Buzzoidgreenbrownground
Mega Clankoidgreengreenground
Mega Puffoidgreengreenground
Mega Quazoidgreengreenground
Mega Sputnoidgreengrayground
Mega Squelchoidgreengreenground
Mega Strumboidgreenbrownground
Melon GinghamgreenwhiteAbles
Melon Gingham LonggreenwhiteAbles
Melon HatgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Melon ShirtgreengreenAbles
Melon SleevelessgreengreenAbles
Melon UmbrellagreenwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Military PantsgreengreenAbles
Military UniformgreengreenAbles
Mini BrewsteroidgreenblackBrewster
Mini Buzzoidgreenbrownground
Mini Clankoidgreengreenground
Mini Flat CactusgreenbrownGarden Center
Mini Plinkoidgreengrayground
Mini Puffoidgreengreenground
Mini Round CactusgreenbrownGarden Center
Mini Strumboidgreenbrownground
Mini Tall CactusgreenbrownGarden Center
Mint Gingham SkirtgreenbrownAbles
Mint Gingham TopgreenbrownAbles
Mint Gingham Top LonggreenbrownAbles
Mint UmbrellagreenbrownLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Misty ShirtgreenwhiteAbles
Misty SleevelessgreenwhiteAbles
Monkey ShirtyellowgreenAbles
Moth OrchidgreenwhiteGarden Center
Mountain BikeyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Mugho BonsaigreenblackGarden Center
No. 3 ShirtgreenorangeAbles
Olive Flounder TablegreengreenChip
Orange PinstripegreenbrownGracie
Orange Pinstripe LonggreenbrownGracie
Ornament DragongreenpurpleNew Year's Day
Ornament HorsegreenredNew Year's Day
Ornament TigeryellowgreenNew Year's Day
Ornate WallgreenNooklings Shop
PachiragreenbrownGarden Center
Paper Mache GrassgreengreenNooklings Shop
Paper Mache HedgegreengreenNooklings Shop
Paper Mache HillgreengreenNooklings Shop
Paper Mache TreegreenbrownNooklings Shop
Peacock ChairgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Pear DressergreenbeigeNooklings Shop
Pear WardrobegreenbeigeNooklings Shop
Pine BonsaigreenblueGarden Center
Pine TablegreenbeigeNooklings Shop
PlantergreenwhiteGarden Center
Plaster WallgreenNooklings Shop
PoinsettiagreenredGarden Center
Polka Dot PumpsgreenwhiteGracie (during Spring)
Ponderosa BonsaigreenredGarden Center
Pop Bloom DressgreenredAbles
Pop Bloom ShirtgreenredAbles
Pop-up BookgreenredNooklings Shop
PothosgreenbrownGarden Center
Pulse ShirtyellowgreenGracie
Pulse Shirt LongyellowgreenGracie
Ranch FlooringgreenNooklings Shop
Red PikmingreenredFortune Cookie
Regal WallgreenNooklings Shop
Reggae ShirtgreenredAbles
Reggae SleevelessgreenredAbles
Retro FridgegreengreenNooklings Shop
Retro HelmetgreengreenGracie (during Autumn)
Right PlatformgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Robo-LampgreenwhiteNooklings Shop
Rock GuitargreengreenNooklings Shop
Round CactusgreenbrownGarden Center
Round Collar ShirtgreengreenAbles
Rubber TreegreenbrownGarden Center
Samba DressgreenredAbles
Samba ShirtgreenredAbles
ScalegreenwhiteNooklings Shop
ScreenyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Shamrock ClockgreengreenGulliver
Shamrock HatgreengreenShamrock Day
Shiny BallgreengreenFireworks
Shirt CircuityellowgreenGracie
Silk Bloom DressgreencolorfulAbles
Silk Bloom ShirtgreencolorfulAbles
Silk HatgreenredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Simple Green DressgreengreenAbles
Six-Ball ShirtgreengreenAbles
Sleeping BaggreengreenTent Camper
Snake PlantgreenbrownGarden Center
Sporty ShadesgreenblackLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Spunky KnitgreenbeigeAbles
Squat Nebuloidgreencolorfulground
Strawberry ShirtgreenpinkAbles
Strawberry SleevelessgreenpinkAbles
Stripe SneakersgreenwhiteKicks
SunfloweryellowgreenGarden Center
Tall BrewsteroidgreenblackBrewster
Tall Buzzoidgreenbrownground
Tall CactusgreenbrownGarden Center
Tall Clankoidgreengreenground
Tall Nebuloidgreencolorfulground
Tall Puffoidgreengreenground
Tall Strumboidgreenbrownground
Tatami BedgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Tea SetyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Tennis TablegreengreenNooklings Shop
Tingle HatgreengreenKatrina
Train SetgreenbrownNooklings Shop
Treasure ChestyellowgreenIsland
Tulip ChairgreenredNooklings Shop
Tulip TablegreenredNooklings Shop
TwiggreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Tyrolean DressgreenwhiteAbles
Tyrolean HatgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Ugly ShirtgreenbrownAbles
Vegetarian ShirtgreenorangeAbles
Vegetarian Shirt LonggreenorangeAbles
Waffle ShirtgreenredAbles
Waffle Shirt LonggreenredAbles
Wall LeavesgreengreenNooklings Shop
Washer/DryergreengreenNooklings Shop
Watermelon ChairgreenredNooklings Shop
Watermelon HatgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Watermelon TablegreenredNooklings Shop
Weeping FiggreenbrownGarden Center
Wizard's CapgreengreenLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Yoshi's EgggreenwhiteFortune Cookie

Yellow Items

ItemColor 1Color 2Source
Animal PumpsyellowbrownGracie (during Summer)
Bad Plaid ShirtyellowpurpleAbles
Bad Plaid Shirt LongyellowpurpleAbles
Basketball ShirtyellowblackAbles
Basketball ShoesyellowwhiteKicks
Basketball ShortsyellowblackAbles
Beach SandalsyellowgreenIsland
BeakyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Bell OrnamentyellowyellowCountdown
Big Dot ShirtyellowwhiteAbles
Big Dot SleevelessyellowwhiteAbles
Big Star ShirtyellowpurpleAbles
Bingo MachineyellowblackNooklings Shop
Blue BedyellowblueNooklings Shop
Blue TableyellowblueNooklings Shop
Bold Check ShirtyellowredAbles
BouquetyellowpinkGrass Day
BowyellowblackNooklings Shop
Bright ShirtyellowgreenAbles
BucketyellowyellowNooklings Shop
CandleyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Cash RegisteryellowbrownNooklings Shop
Caterpillar TeeyellowgreenGracie
Caveman DressyellowbrownAbles
Caveman ShortsyellowbrownAbles
Caveman TunicyellowbrownAbles
Cement MixeryellowyellowNooklings Shop
Ceramic TileyellowNooklings Shop
Cheese FlooryellowNooklings Shop
Cheese WallyellowNooklings Shop
Cherry ShirtyellowpinkAbles
Chinese LanternyellowredGulliver
Citrus Gingham DressyelloworangeAbles
Classic SofayellowyellowNooklings Shop
Club ShirtyellowgreenAbles
CoinyellowyellowFortune Cookie
Coin HeadpieceyellowredGracie (during Winter)
Coral ShirtyellowblueGracie
Coral SleevelessyellowblueGracie
CrownyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Cube ClockyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Curling StoneyellowgraySnowDad
Dapper DressyellowgreenAbles
Dapper ShirtyellowgreenAbles
Dapper Shirt LongyellowgreenAbles
Dapper SkirtyellowgreenAbles
Deluxe FrameyellowredMuseum Shop
Demon WigyellowbrownLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Diver DanyellowcolorfulIsland
Diving MaskyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Do-RagyelloworangeLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Drum SetyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Earthy KnityellowbeigeAbles
Eggy ParasolyellowwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Egypt LampyellowyellowNooklings Shop
Egyptian OutfityellowwhiteAbles
Electric Notice BoardyellownoneNooklings Shop
Elephant SlideyellowblueNooklings Shop
Empress' Tiara WigyellowbrownNooklings (March 1 through 3 only)
Ethnic LoafersyellowbrownKicks
Exotic LampyellowbeigeNooklings Shop
Fairytale DressyellowblueAbles
Fall Leaf Shirt LongyellowbrownAbles
Fall Plaid ShirtyellowbrownAbles
Fall Plaid Shirt LongyellowbrownAbles
Firefighter PantsyellowblackAbles
Firefighter TeeyellowblackAbles
Firefly LampyellowgreenNat
Fish ShirtyellowblackAbles
Flowery ShirtyellowgreenIsland
Flying SauceryellowgrayNooklings Shop
Football HelmetyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Frock CoatyellowpurpleAbles
Fruit BasketyellowredHarvest Festival
Future ShirtyellowpurpleAbles
Giraffe Height MeteryellowyellowNooklings Shop
Giraffe PantsyellowbrownGracie
Giraffe ShirtyellowbrownGracie
Giraffe SleevelessyellowbrownGracie
Glow ClockyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Gold Armor PantsyellowyellowAbles
Gold Armor ShoesyellowyellowKicks
Gold Armor SuityellowyellowAbles
Gold Home ModelyellowbrownHappy Room Academy
Gold Screen WallyellowNooklings Shop
Gold StereoyellowblackNooklings Shop
Golden BedyellowyellowCyrus
Golden ChairyellowyellowCyrus
Golden ClockyellowyellowCyrus
Golden ClosetyellowyellowCyrus
Golden CouchyellowyellowCyrus
Golden DresseryellowyellowCyrus
Golden ManyellowyellowCyrus
Golden ScreenyellowyellowCyrus
Golden TableyellowyellowCyrus
Golden TorchyellowyellowCyrus
Golden WomanyellowyellowCyrus
Gorgeous StoolyellowredGracie (during Winter)
Green Belt ShoesyellowgreenKicks
Groovy ShirtyellowpinkGracie
Groovy SleevelessyellowpinkGracie
HaloyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
HarpsichordyellowbrownNooklings Shop
HelmetyellowblackLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Hero BootsyellowblackKicks
Honeycomb ChestyellowblackNat
Ice LampyellowaquaSnowMom
Jacob's Ladder LampyellowwhiteGrass Day
Jagged ShirtyellowaquaAbles
Jagged SleevelessyellowaquaAbles
Japan DollyellowcolorfulNooklings Shop
Jasmine BonsaiyellowbrownGarden Center
Jester PantsyellowpurpleAbles
Jester ShirtyellowpurpleAbles
Jester SleevelessyellowpurpleAbles
Jester's CapyellowpurpleLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Judge's BellyellowbrownNooklings Shop
KayakyellowyellowTent Camper
King Tut MaskyellowblueLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Kiwi ShirtyellowgreenAbles
Kiwi SleevelessyellowgreenAbles
Latin UniformyellowgreenAbles
Latin Uniform LongyellowgreenAbles
Lefty Lucky CatyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Lemon GinghamyellowwhiteAbles
Lemon Gingham LongyellowwhiteAbles
Lemon PackyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Lemon TableyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Lemon UmbrellayellowwhiteLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Leopard PantsyellowbrownAbles
Leopard ShirtyellowbrownAbles
Leopard SkirtyellowbrownAbles
Leopard SleevelessyellowbrownAbles
Leopard UmbrellayellowbrownLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Lucky CatyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Lucky Gold CatyellowyellowNooklings Shop
Lunar LanderyellowgrayNooklings Shop
Marathon ShirtyellowpurpleAbles
Mega Sproidyellowyellowground
Mini Sproidyellowyellowground
Monkey ShirtyellowgreenAbles
Moon HairpinyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Mountain BikeyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Mountain TightsyellowbrownKicks
Mummy's CasketyellowcolorfulGulliver
Nile DressyellowwhiteAbles
Nine-Ball ShirtyellowwhiteAbles
No. 5 ShirtyellowpurpleAbles
Odd ClockyellowyellowNooklings Shop
One-Ball ShirtyellowyellowAbles
One-Way TeeyellowblueAbles
Ornament RamyellowblueNew Year's Day
Ornament SerpentyellowwhiteNew Year's Day
Ornament TigeryellowgreenNew Year's Day
Pansy TableyellowbrownGrass Day
Paper TigeryellowblackNooklings Shop
Partition PolesyellowredMuseum Shop
Peachy ShirtyellowpinkAbles
Peachy SleevelessyellowpinkAbles
Petal ParasolyellowwhiteGracie (during sales)
PhonographyellowbrownNooklings Shop
Pilot's CapyelloworangeLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Pineapple BedyellowyellowNooklings Shop
Polka-Dot CarpetyellowNooklings Shop
Polka-Dot WallyellowNooklings Shop
Portable StoveyellowblackIgloo Camper
Pulse ShirtyellowgreenGracie
Pulse Shirt LongyellowgreenGracie
PyramidyellowbrownNooklings Shop
Racer 6 ShirtyellowblackAbles
Rain BootsyellowyellowKicks
Regal ArmoireyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal BedyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal BookcaseyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal ChairyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal ClockyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal DresseryellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal LampyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal SofayellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal TableyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal VanityyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Regal Wall LampyellowwhiteNooklings Shop
Retro TelescopeyellowbrownPascal
Ribbon BlouseyellowyellowAbles
Roman HelmetyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Royal CrownyellowredLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Royal ShirtyellowredAbles
Royal ShortsyellowredAbles
Rugby ShirtyellowblueAbles
Rugby Shirt LongyellowblueAbles
Safety HelmetyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Samurai SuityellowblackSpotlight Item/Wishy
Samurai WigyellowbrownLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
School Commute HatyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
ScreenyellowgreenNooklings Shop
Sheepskin BootsyellowyellowGracie (during Winter)
Shiny StaryellowyellowFireworks
Shirt CircuityellowgreenGracie
Shisho SuityellowredDr. Shrunk
Small HatyellowbrownLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Snowman TVyellowwhiteSnowman
SphinxyellowbrownNooklings Shop
Sport ShoesyellowblackKicks
Spotlight LyellowblackNooklings Shop
Spotlight SyellowblackNooklings Shop
SprinkleryellowyellowNooklings Shop
Star HairpinyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Star High SocksyellowpurpleKicks
Star ShadesyellowblackGracie (during Autumn)
StarmanyellowyellowFortune Cookie
Steam RolleryellowblackNooklings Shop
Straw ShirtyelloworangeAbles
Striking OutfityellowblueAbles
Striped ConeyellowblackNooklings Shop
Sundae HatyellowwhiteGracie (during Autumn)
SunfloweryellowgreenGarden Center
Sunflower PlayeryelloworangeGrass Day
Sunflower ShirtyellowaquaAbles
Sunny ParasolyellowaquaLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Sunset SleevelessyelloworangeAbles
Sunset TopyelloworangeAbles
Swell ShirtyellowbrownAbles
Swell Shirt LongyellowbrownAbles
Swimming CapyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
SwordyellowblackNooklings Shop
Tall Sproidyellowyellowground
Tea KettleyellowyellowNooklings Shop
Tea SetyellowgreenNooklings Shop
ThroneyellowredSpotlight Item/Wishy
Tiger PantsyellowblackGracie
Tiger ShirtyellowblackGracie
Tiger SleevelessyellowblackGracie
Treasure ChestyellowgreenIsland
TricycleyelloworangeNooklings Shop
TriforceyellowyellowFortune Cookie
Triple BananasyellowyellowFortune Cookie
Tulip ChestyellowyellowGrass Day
Tulip HatyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Tulip ShirtyellowredAbles
Wall Electric SignyellownoneNooklings Shop
Wall FloweryellowredNooklings Shop
Wario HatyellowyellowFortune Cookie
Wet Roadway SignyellowblackNooklings Shop
Wheat FieldyellowyellowNooklings Shop
Wolf MaskyellowbrownNooklings (October 1 through 31 only)
Wrestler ShirtyellowredAbles
Yellow Bar ShirtyellowwhiteAbles
Yellow Bar Shirt LongyellowwhiteAbles
Yellow Belt ShoesyellowyellowKicks
Yellow CapyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Yellow GlassesyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Yellow New Year HatyellowyellowCountdown
Yellow PikminyellowwhiteFortune Cookie
Yellow Polka Dot DressyellowwhiteGracie
Yellow Pumpkin HeadyellowyellowHalloween
Yellow RaincoatyellowyellowAbles
Yellow RibbonyellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
Yellow String ShoesyelloworangeKicks
Yellow TartanyellowgrayAbles
Yellow Tartan LongyellowgrayAbles
Yellow UmbrellayellowyellowLabelle (Able Sisters Accessory Shop)
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