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How to Grow Flowers

The following guide explains how to plant seeds and grow flowers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Flowers might appear spontaneously in your town. You can also buy flower seeds at the Nooklings' shop and Garden Center. You can get a watering can to keep your flowers happy and healthy if they start to wilt.

How to Plant Flowers

If you have a flower seed bag, you can plant it in your town. Stand on some grass or dirt in your town, then open up your inventory. Tap the bag of flower seeds, then choose Plant. The flower will be planted on the ground where you are standing. You don't need to use a shovel to plant flowers.

How to Move Flowers Around

You can pick up a flower that has been planted. Stand on or near a flower, then press Y to pick it up and put it in your inventory. Then you can walk to a different location and tap the flower to plant it there. Or, in your inventory screen, you can drag the flower to the ground next to the person in your inventory to plant the flower where you are standing.

Watering Flowers

If you have a watering can, you can use it to water flowers. Simply stand in front of the flower that you want to water, and use the watering can. A flower that has been watered will sparkle all day long. The sparkles go away at 6AM each day.

How to Get a Watering Can

Buy a watering can from the Nooklings' shop or the Garden Center. You can also get a free watering can from Isabelle when you start the game. Read the starting the game guide for more information. You can also get a golden and a silver watering can, which can water multiple flowers at a time. Read the golden and silver tools guide for more information.

Wilting Flowers

Sometimes you might see a brown flower in your town. This is a wilting flower. If you do not water a wilting flower, it will disappear the next day.

Trampling Flowers

If you run through a flower, you might destroy the flower by trampling it. Be sure not to run near flowers! You can walk on flowers safely with no risk of trampling them.

Hybrid Flowers

By planting flowers of the same type next to each other (roses next to roses, pansies next to pansies, etc.) you might find new colors of flowers next to them the next day. These unusually colored flowers are called hybrid flowers. Read the hybrids guide for more information.

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