Hylian Homeowner Side Quest

This page explains how to start and complete the Hylian Homeowner side quest.

How to Begin the Hylian Homeowner Quest

This quest begins in Hateno Village. Follow the directions to Myahm Agana Shrine to find Hateno Village.

There are some model homes near the Myahm Agana Shrine, and a bridge near the model homes. Cross the bridge, then talk Bolson (the guy wearing pink pants) and say that you want to buy the house.

How to Complete the Hylian Homeowner Quest

You will need to gather 3000 Rupees and 30 bundles of wood. To find wood, the forest west of Hateno Village is a good source. Rito Stable is another (it is east of Akh Va'Quot Shrine).

After you have enough Rupees and wood bundles, go back to the house and talk to Bolson to buy it.

The house includes a weapon mount. Check on it while you are equipped with a weapon, and you will put your equipped weapon on display. Check on that weapon again to take it.

Then talk to Hudson outside of the house to start the From The Ground Up Side Quest.

After Hudson has left, talk to Bolson to add more to your house. Each upgrade costs 100 Rupees.

Hylian Homeowner Quest Reward

After you have purchased all of the upgrades to your home, Bolson will add some additional furniture to the house.