Myahm Agana Shrine Guide: Myahm Agana Apparatus

A guide on how to find and complete the Myahm Agana shrine and solve the "Myahm Agana Apparatus" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

This shrine is in Hateno Village, which is east of Hateno Tower.

How to Solve the Shrine

Go up the stairs near where you entered the shrine, and check on the orange apparatus. You will need to use motion controls, so if you disabled them, go to Options to re-enable them.

Tilt the maze so that the ball moves to the upper half of the maze, then roll it to the path that leads to the part that sticks out on the left, and when it is there, you need to make the ball roll downward toward the left, then flick it upward to land on the ramp on the left. If the ball falls down below, another one will fall into the maze.

If you want the treasure chest that is in the maze, you should rotate the maze counter-clockwise so the part that sticks out is below where you are standing while you rotate the maze. That way, you can glide down to the maze and reach the chest, which contains a Phrenic Bow. After that, go to the corner of the maze near where you made the ball roll, and glide down to that ramp.

From there, you can go check on Myahm Agana to get the Spirit Orb.