Akh Va'quot Shrine Guide: Windmills

A guide on how to find and complete the Akh Va'quot shrine and solve the "Windmills" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

This shrine is at the top of Rito Village. Read the Reach Rito Village page to find out how to get there.

How to Solve the Shrine

If you go up the stairs near where you entered the room, you will either see a crystal beyond a grate, or a treasure chest behind bars. Approach the treasure chest and you will see a windmill. Use Cryonis on the nearby water to go toward the fan. In the wall, there are two treasure chests. The first contains a Sapphire. The second contains a Feathered Spear.

After opening those two treasure chests, continue using Cryonis to go toward the fan. Hit the crystal switch to make the fan blow on the windmill. This opens the bars near that windmill, so go back the way you came and open the chest to get an Ancient Core.

To reach Akh Va'quot and get the Spirit Orb, you need to make all the windmills spin. The windmills will spin when a fan is blowing air in their direction. The windmills that are not spinning are orange. The fans turn blue when they spin. You can rotate the fans by hitting the crystals on them. The arrow near the crystal shows which direction it will rotate. If you want to see the solution, click the button below.


> W W v W
W W < W W
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> W W W ^