Wahgo Katta Shrine Guide: Metal Connections

A guide on how to find and complete the Wahgo Katta shrine and solve the "Metal Connections" puzzle.

How to Find the Wahgo Katta Shrine

Go north from Bosh Kala Shrine along the river and you will find the Wahgo Katta shrine.

How to Solve the Wahgo Katta Shrine

In one corner of the room, there are three metal boxes that you can climb. Climb the boxes to reach the top of the nearby pillar. There is a treasure chest at the top. It contains amber. Before you go back down to the lower level, look at the other corner of the room and you will see a big piece of metal on top of a pillar in the corner. Go down to the lower level and move the metal boxes so you can climb up to the corner with the big piece of metal on top of the pillar. From up here, move the metal boxes closer to Wahgo Katta, then move the flat piece of metal so one end is on Wahgo Katta's platform and the other end is on top of the metal boxes. Then climb the metal boxes and walk across the flat piece of metal to reach Wahgo Katta and get the Spirit Orb.