Kaam Ya'tak Shrine Guide: Trial of Power

A guide on how to find and complete the Kaam Ya'tak shrine and solve the "Trial of Power" puzzle.

How to Find the Kaam Ya'tak Shrine

If you go to the top of Great Plateau Tower and look in the direction of the Oman Au Shrine, you will see Kaam Ya'tak Shrine in the distance beyond Oman Au Shrine.

How to Solve the Kaam Ya'tak Shrine

Go down to the lower area. The ball in the cage hanging from the ceiling is made of metal, so use Magnesis on the ball in the cage. Move the ball to the side of the cage that is farthest away from the stone doors, then quickly move it to the left to hit the stone doors with the stone ball. This will open the doors.

Go past the doors. There are spiked metal balls rolling past the path. You can easily go past the first set of metal balls, but the second one has too many, going too quickly, so use Stasis on one of the incoming balls to stop the rest temporarily, and run past before they can start moving again.

Before you go much farther beyond the spiked ball area, be aware that there are Guardian Scouts around the corner. Most of the time, they don't attack, but if you get close, they attack with their Guardian Swords. They will also shoot low-energy beams at you, depending on how far away you are.

In the area with the Guardian Scouts, there are dry leaves on the floor. You can shoot down the nearby lantern to burn the leaves, which will make the wooden platform burn. Get out of the way to allow the stone ball to roll into the stone doors.

Be sure to open the treasure chest near where the ball was. It contains an Edge of Duality.

Go through the doors that you opened, then go to the left and open the treasure chest there to get a Knight's Broadsword. Then go up the stairs and follow the path. You will find two Guardian Scouts that attack with Guardian Spears.

After you kill them, go down the nearby stairs. When you look around the corner, stop. Use Stasis on the see-saw in the floor, then run across.

Continue along the path and you will see some stairs on the right, but first go to the left to find a treasure chest. It contains an Ancient Core. Then go back to the stairs and go up. Examine the apparatus, then tilt your Switch/Wii U Gamepad to the left, and then quickly flick it to the right to make the hammer hit the stone ball forcefully. If it goes far enough, it will fall through the hole and then roll down and hit the stone doors and open them. If you are having trouble, try hitting the metal ball, then rotate the hammer so it will be under the metal ball when it returns. Then when the ball comes back, move the hammer to the left and it will hit the ball from underneath, which will "pop" the ball quickly to the right.

Press B to stop using the apparatus, then go through the doors that you opened, and go to the end of the path. You will find a see-saw, a stone ball on a wooden platform, and a switch on the floor. First, burn the wooden platform under the stone ball. You can shoot an arrow through a torch to hit the dry leaves and burn the platform. The stone ball will roll down and fall into the pit. You will need to step on the switch on the other side, but you need to step on it while the ball is rolling over the ramp that the switch raises. If you just stand on the switch, the stone ball won't have enough momentum to reach the see-saw after coming up the ramp. You have to make the ramp move upward while the ball is rolling over it. You also have to use Stasis on the see-saw to allow the stone ball to roll across it and hit the stone doors, opening them.

After you open those doors, you find a switch and a stone object on some rails. Before you step on the switch, turn around to see some cracked blocks in the wall. Use bombs to break the blocks, then go past where they were to find a chest that contains a silver rupee.

Then step on the switch to lower the gate, and while standing on that switch, use Stasis on the metal object, then hit it repeatedly with a heavy weapon. After the Stasis wears off (or you turn it off manually) the metal object will open the stone doors beyond. The gate will stay open after you step off of the switch, so just go through those stone doors that you opened.

Go up the stairs and stand on the blue square in front of the crystal switch. When you hit the crystal switch, it will launch you upward. If you want the treasure chest beyond the bars, then float around the pillar to reach it. It contains a diamond.

Then launch yourself up with the crystal switch again and float down to Kaam Ya'tak to get the Spirit Orb.