Bosh Kala Shrine Guide: The Wind Guides You

A guide on how to find and complete the Bosh Kala shrine and solve the "The Wind Guides You" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

From Great Plateau Tower, go east toward the Dueling Peaks. On the way, you will reach Proxim Bridge. Bosh Kala Shrine is just west of the Proxim Bridge.

How to Solve

Go up the stairs to the left, then walk to the edge of the ledge while standing in the wind from the fan. Jump off the edge and use the paraglider to glide to the treasure chest. It contains Amber.

Then jump down to the lower level and go up the stairs to the next area. There is a fan to the left that is blowing toward the area across the gap. Glide in the wind to that distant area.

Next, go up the stairs to where a fan is blowing wind through an archway. Let the wind push you straight across to the other side, making sure to fall onto the platform before the wind pushes you too far.

Next, if you want the treasure chest that you can see on the right, you can glide toward it, but be careful, because it is a bit difficult to reach it. You might have better luck if you make a running start. The chest contains a Soldier's Claymore.

From there, glide down to the nearby ledge, then go go up the stairs and let the wind push you back to the platform you landed on earlier. From there, you can just walk up the stairs to check on Bosh Kala and get the Spirit Orb.