Toto Sah Shrine Guide: Toto Sah Apparatus

A guide on how to find and complete the Toto Sah shrine and solve the "Toto Sah Apparatus" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

Go to Ha Dahamar Shrine and go south. Cross the Big Twin Bridge, then go east and cross the Little Twin Bridge. Continue going southeast to the Hickaly Woods. Look west at the mountainside to find cracked blocks just above the water. You can shoot them with a bomb arrow, or stand on the nearby rock in the water and throw a remote bomb at the mountainside, then detonate the bomb when it goes past the cracked blocks. Then enter the cave that you revealed. The shrine is inside.

How to Solve the Shrine

Examine the rotating device, then tilt your controller toward you until the treasure chest is revealed and the platform is flat. Press B to stop rotating the device, then open the chest to get a Shield of the Mind's Eye.

Then go to the next apparatus and rotate the stairs so they are leading up to the next area, and tilt them sideways to make the middle section of stairs line up with the other two. Then go up the stairs to the next area.

Rotate the next device until you can see the treasure chest on one side. Rotate the platform so you can walk to the chest. Open it to get a small key. Then walk back to the rotating device (or float down to a lower level if you can't reach the third device), then use the rotating device again.

This time, rotate the device so the stairs are on top. Tilt the structure so you can walk onto stairs from the ledge. Then turn the structure so that the ledge at the base of the stairs touches the top of the ramp near where you are standing, and the other end touches the ledge with the gate on the other side.

Walk across the structure and unlock the door to talk to Toto Sah and get the Spirit Orb.