Ne'ez Yohma Shrine Guide: Pushing Power

A guide on how to find and complete the Ne'ez Yohma shrine and solve the "Pushing Power" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

Activate Lanayru Tower, then float down from the north edge to reach the Soh Kofi Shrine. From there, you can go east along the road, and it will take you to Zora's Domain. The Ne'ez Yohma shrine is in the lower level of Zora's Domain.

How to Solve the Shrine

In this shrine, there is a slope with water running down it, and a bunch of stones rolling down the slope. First, go up the slope, being careful to avoid getting hit by the stones. When you reach the top, the stones will stop falling.

At the top, you will find a glowing ball (don't pick it up yet), as well as some raised walkways that you can use to walk above the watery slope. Walk onto the walkway to reach the treasure chest farther down the slope that is on top of a triangular platform. It contains a Zora Spear.

Then go back to the top of the watery slope. Use Cryonis to make a sideways ice pillar behind the orange ball to push it forward onto the watery slope. It will stop in front of a black stone.

Now use Cryonis to push away any stone boulders that are still on the watery slope so they won't get in the way of the orange ball. After that, shatter all the ice pillars that you have made.

Then go to where a laser is hitting a platform farther down the slope. You need to put an ice pillar in the gap near where the laser is hitting. That way, when the orange ball rolls down the triangular platform, it won't fall through the gap and roll off at the bottom; instead, it will roll to the second triangular platform that the laser is hitting.

When that pillar is in place, go back to the orange ball and create an ice pillar behind it that pushes it up onto the stone platform. If you put the pillar in the gap with the laser, the orange ball will roll to the first triangular platform, then will hit the ice pillar and go to the second triangular platform, and from there it will stop on a rectangular platform near the bottom of the slope.

Next, make a pillar in front of the triangular platform that is near the target hole at the bottom of the slope. Position the pillar so that the orange ball will stop on that triangular platform and not roll off to the right. Make sure to position the pillar so that the orange ball will stop soon after it touches the triangular platform.

Then create an ice pillar under the orange ball to push it up onto the platform, where it will roll down onto the triangular platform and be stopped by the ice pillar that you created a moment ago. Then create a pillar under the orange ball to make it go on top of the triangular platform and roll into the target hole.

If you make a mistake and cause the orange orb to fall off of the slope, just go back to the top of the slope, where there will be a new orange orb.

When you have done it correctly, go talk to Ne'ez Yohma to get the Spirit Orb.