Kah Mael Shrine Guide: Drop and Rise

A guide on how to find and complete the Kah Mael shrine and solve the "Drop and Rise" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

Go southeast from Dah Hesho Shrine toward a hill with a tree on it. From the top of that hill, look southeast to see some bridges going between tall islands. Go southeast along the cliff edge until you reach the end of one of those bridges. Go across, then make your way north across the bridges until you reach the northernmost island.

If you don't have any Octo Balloons in your Materials inventory, kill the Octoroks on this island to get some. Then look for the big flat stone on the ground near the middle of this island. Put an Octo Balloon on that stone to lift it up. Go into the hole under the stone to find this shrine.

How to Solve the Shrine

Look up above the higher end of the scale to see a large metal box on a wooden platform. You can either shoot arrows at the ropes holding up the platform to make the metal box fall, or you can stand under that platform and use Magnesis to move the box.

Put the metal box on the higher side of the scale. Then stand on the side with the box, and use Magnesis to drop the big box onto the other side of the scale. When you are launched into the air, float onto the platform with the treasure chest on it. The chest contains a diamond.

Then stand on the side of the scale with the metal box on it, and use Magnesis to drop the metal box on the other side. When you are launched upward, float to Kah Mael and talk to him to get the Spirit Orb.