Bareeda Naag Shrine Guide: Cannon

A guide on how to find and complete the Bareeda Naag shrine and solve the "Cannon" puzzle.

How to Find the Shrine

You can talk to Bedoli in Rito Village to get "The Ancient Rito Song" shrine quest.

How to Solve the Shrine

When you enter the shrine, you see a large cannon. Before you use it, look for a wall of cracked stones. Get rid of them with a bomb to reveal a treasure chest.

Then go up the ladder on the back of the cannon and put a round bomb into the chute. When it reaches the bottom, detonate it to destroy the wooden crate in front of the wall target. Several moving platforms will be activated. Drop another round bomb into the chute. You need to detonate it such that the cannonball can hit the wall target without hitting the moving platforms in the way. Try waiting until the slowest platform has just moved away from blocking the path between you and the target.

When you hit the target, the gate to the next area will open. Go through.

You can talk to Bareeda Naag to get your shrine orb, but if you want all the treasure in this shrine, go past the monk to the next area, where there is another cannon. Climb up and you find that not only are there moving platforms in the way, but the target itself is also moving. Wait for the target to be moving toward the left, and detonate it a few moments before it reaches the center. If timed correctly, you will hit the target, and the gate will open, giving you access to another treasure chest.

Then talk to Bareeda Naag to receive the shrine orb.