Kay Noh Shrine Guide: Power of Electricity

A guide on how to find and complete the Kay Noh shrine and solve the "Power of Electricity" puzzle.

How to Reach the Shrine

From Jee Noh Shrine, go northwest on the road and follow it southwest until you find a stable. This shrine is on the cliff that is across from the stable.

How to Solve the Shrine

Pick up the glowing green orb and set it down on the small round platform on the right. This opens the gate, so go through.

In the next area, go to the right. Kill the Guardian Scout, then shoot the chain to make the green orb fall. Turn around and carry the orb to the other side of the room. Put it on the round platform to start the conveyor belt. After the stone block falls down below, go forward and open the chest beyond. It contains a small key.

Go back the way you came, past the two green orbs, and go to the left. Open the locked door with the small key that you just got. Beyond the door, there is a Guardian at the top of the stairs. This one attacks with a sword. Kill it, then go into the area beyond.

There are some gears on the wall. Look at the wall across from the gears to find a treasure chest on a ledge. Use Magnesis to pull the chest down to you. It contains a Gerudo Scimitar.

In this area, you need to send electricity to the orange light to make the gears on that side of the wall start moving. Use Magnesis to move the sparking block closer to the non-sparking block, but not too far away from the big green power source. If you did it correctly, the electricity from the power source will be able to reach the metal block near the orange light, powering it up and opening the bars.

From there, you can talk to Kay Noh to get the Spirit Orb.