Missions are tasks that reward you with Tower Bux when completed. To complete a mission, you must supply the requested number of two specific types of items.

The Missions Icon

To access the list of missions, tap the Menu button in the bottom-right corner, then tap the Missions icon.

Completing a Mission

To complete a mission, you must first accept it. To accept a mission, tap it and choose Accept.

Next, you must supply the two types of items that the mission requests. In order to do that, you have to have the types of stores that create those items. Every time you restock that item in the store, the item will get sent to the mission instead.

So, for example, if a mission asks for 1,000 hair cuts, but your barber shop can only stock 300 of them at a time, then you will have to restock your store four times to create 1,000 hair cuts for the mission, and then your barber shop will have 200 hair cuts left over (300+300+300+300 = 1200 - 1000 = 200).

Once you have supplied all the requested items, the mission will be complete and you will receive the Tower Bux reward.