Find the Bitizen

Sometimes a blue icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you tap it, you receive a find-the-bitizen mission.

Find the Bitizen

When you tap the blue icon, you will be asked to find a specific bitizen who lives in your tower. If you accept the find-the-bitizen mission, a picture of the bitizen will appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and a green line appears at the bottom with the name of the bitizen you need to find.

Tap the Bitizen's Current Floor

Look for the bitizen in the tower. The bitizen will either be on the floor where he or she works or the floor where he or she lives. Tap the floor where the bitizen is right now. If you tap the wrong floor, the game will tell you that the bitizen is not on that floor. When you tap the correct floor, the game will thank you and give you 1 Tower Bux.

Make your Bitizens Easier to Find

As you add more bitizens and floors to your tower, it can be harder and harder to find the bitizens for the blue icon missions, especially if you have a bunch of bitizens that look similar to each other. To make it easier, use the Dress Up button to change the bitizen's outfit. You can also use Tower Bux to buy costumes, giving your bitizens an even more unique appearance.