How to Make More Coins

Coins are the primary form of currency in Tiny Tower. They allow you to build new floors and stock your floors. Here are some methods for earning more coins more quickly.

Best Method #1: Use Tower Bux to do a Quick Sell off the Most Expensive Item in a Store

Here is a breakdown of how many coins you can get per Tower Bux depending on the method that you use:
250 coins for 1 Tower Bux 300 coins for 1 Tower Bux 1000 coins for 1 Tower Bux 1800 coins for 1 Tower Bux Convert 1 Tower Bux per 600 of the most expensive item in a store
2000 coins for 1 Tower Bux

As you can see, the very best exchange rate is from converting 50 Tower Bux at the Bank, but gathering 50 Tower Bux takes a long time. A slightly lower exchange rate comes from doing a quick sell of the most expensive item at a store, which you can only do if the store is not restocking. I recommend this method instead of gathering 50 Tower Bux, because that method takes such a long time.

For every 600 of the most expensive item in the store, it costs 1 Tower Bux to do a quick sell. For example, to do a quick sell of 1800 items costs 3 Tower Bux, but to do a quick sell of 1801 would cost 4 Tower Bux.

To get the best exchange rate, try to only do quick sells when the number of the most expensive item in the store is a multiple of 600 or is slightly less than that. Using the above example again, you wouldn't want to spend 4 Tower Bux to do a quick sell of 1801 items because you would be getting an exchange rate of 1350.75 per Tower Bux, whereas if you wait for the number of items to go down to 1800, it would cost 3 Tower Bux, and you would get a much better exchange rate of 1800 coins per Tower Bux.

Best Method #2: Convert Tower Bux into Coins

You can conver Tower Bux into coins using the Bank, which you can access from the menu. However, to get the best exchange rate with this method, you need to collect 50 Tower Bux and convert them to 100,000. This method is worthwhile, but it takes a lot of patience. If you can accept a lower exchange rate, go with the Quick Sell method mentioned above.

Keep Your Stores in Stock

If your floors have all their items in stock, you can keep earning money while you are not playing the game. If items run out of stock when you are not playing, you WON'T be notified, so be sure to restock your stores before taking a long break from playing.

Upgrade Your Stores

Upgrading your stores increases the maximum amount of stock that they can hold. This means that those stores can go longer before running out of stock, which means that you will make more money when you are not playing.

Hire Bitizens for their Dream Jobs

Hiring bitizens for their dream jobs will double the number of an item that store can stock. As with upgrading your stores, this increases the number of sales that can take place when you are not playing the game.

In theory, you could evict any bitizens whose dream job isn't a floor that you have in your building, but since there are so many potential floors, this could take a long time and is not really worth it in my opinion.

Use VIPs Wisely

The Celebrity and Big Spender VIPs can give you a big coin boost if you use them wisely. Try sending the Celebrity and Big Spender to a floor that only has its most expensive item in stock and has a lot of that item left in stock. Try not to send the Big Spender to a floor that is about to run out of stock of any items.

Lower Your Stocking Fees with Skilled Bitizens

As explained on the floors page, hiring skilled bitizens gives you a discount of up to 27% off the restocking fees of a floor.

Evict Unskilled Bitizens

It might seem heartless, but if you want to get the best discounts on restocking fees, you can evict any bitizens who don't have any skills that are at level 9.

Take Guests on the Elevator

When you see the red icon with the up and down arrows at the bottom of the screen, it means that there is a guest in the elevator. Take this guest to the requested floor to get a small number of coins.