How to Play Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a simulation game where you are in charge of building a skyscraper and adding apartments, residents, and floors to it. In the game, you collect coins and Tower Bux, which you can use to expand the tower, stock floors, move new residents in, and more. The goal is to keep building your tower, adding new residents, and hire your residents for their dream jobs.

The Menu

From the view inside the tower, you can tap the Menu button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the game's menu.

The Tower

The tower is where everything in the game happens. Using coins, you can build new floors for the tower. Once the empty floor has been built, you can tap it and choose to turn it into either a residential or floor floor.

The Elevator

As you play, people will appear in the elevator from time to time. Most of these people will ask to be taken to a particular floor. Sometimes, a VIP will appear, and you can take this person to a particular floor to get a bonus, depending on the type of VIP. You can use Tower Bux to upgrade your elevator to a faster one.


When you have built an apartment, you can start moving in new residents, called bitizens. If someone on the elevator asks to go to an apartment that has fewer than five bitizens already living in it, that bitizen will automatically move in.

Your bitizens can be hired to work at the floors in your tower. Bitizens have skills and dream jobs that make them ideal candidates for certain types of jobs.

You can also change your bitizens' outfits and buy costumes for them with Tower Bux.


There are five types of floors that can be built in your tower. Read the list of floors to see the specific stores that can appear.

Each floor sells three types of objects, and each floor has a limited stock of those objects. To stock the floor, you have to hire at least one bitizen at that floor. Once the floor has sold out of an item, you have to restock it. Each floor can be upgraded to have more stock. Your floors are your primary source of coins. Your floors will continue to sell things even while you are not playing the game, unless they run out of stock.


From the menu, you can access Missions. A mission is an opportunity to earn Tower Bux. Each mission requires two types of objects, and it requires a specific number of each object. You have to have the types of floors that produce the requested objects. Each time you restock those items, they will be used for the mission until you have completed the requirements.