All About Floors

Floors in Tiny Tower are the main source of coins. You can build a floor in any empty floor, hire bitizens to work there, stock items, and more. To see the specific types of floors that can appear in your tower, read the list of floors.

Creating a new Floor

To create a new floor, you need to build an empty floor, tap it and choose the floor type that you want. For more information, read Building the Tower.

Hiring Bitizens

You can hire bitizens by viewing the bitizen's stats, then tap Job in the bottom middle and choose a job from the list that appears. Or, you can tap on a floor that has fewer than three employees, tap one of the Hire buttons, then choose a bitizen from the list.

Selling Items

Each floor has three types of items for sale. The items go from cheapest to most expensive. Once your store is stocked, random bitizens will come in and each will purchase a random item, giving you one, two, or three coins for the cheapest, middle, and most expensive items respectively. Each bitizen who buys from a store will have a speech bubble overhead that shows the item that he or she purchased.

Stocking the Store

Before you can start selling items, you have to stock the items. In order to stock items, you have to have at least one bitizen working for that floor. With one employee, you can stock the cheapest product. With two employees, you can stock the cheapest and the middle products. With all three employees, you can stock all of the products.

Each floor can stock a certain number of each item depending on the type of floor it is. It costs coins to stock the items, and it takes a certain amount of time to finish stocking. The more items that can be stocked at a time, the more it will cost and the longer it will take.

To see what you can stock, tap the floor. You will see the types of items that can be stocked, as well as how many items can be stocked at a time, along with the cost of stocking each item and how long it will take.

To stock the store, tap on the item that you want to stock. The cost of stocking the item will be deducted from your coins. Then the store will display an icon on the right side with the amount of time remaining before the stocking of that item is complete.

You can spend Tower Bux to reduce the amount of time left before the item is ready to stock. You can also send a delivery VIP to that floor to reduce the stocking time by three hours.

Once the stocking is complete, you MUST tap the brown stock icon to put the item in stock. The product will not be put in stock automatically. You can use the menu screen to go to the settings menu and turn on notifications to be notified when your floors are ready to be stocked.

Stocking Fee Discounts

You will get a discount on a floor's stocking fees if the employees are skilled in that type of floor. The employees' skill level numbers are combined together to determine the percent discount you receive on the stocking fees.

For example, if you have three employees at a service floor, and their service skill levels are 1, 3, and 7 respectively, then you will get an 11% discount (1 + 3 + 7 = 11) on the restocking fees for all the items in that store. You can get a maximum of 27% discount on a store's restocking fees (9 + 9 + 9 = 27).

Dream Job Employees

Every bitizen has a dream job. If you hire a bitizen for a floor that is his or her dream job, you will get a bonus to the number of items that can be stocked. Having one dream job employee at a floor will allow you to stock twice as many of the cheapest product. Having two dream job employees allows you to stock twice as many of the cheapest and middle products. Having three dream job employees at a floor will allow you to stock twice as many of all the store's products.

A star will be displayed in the elevator shaft next to the floor for each dream job employee who works there.

Quick Sell or Gift

If your store is not restocking, you can see how many of each item your store has in stock by tapping the store. Then, you can tap on an item that is in stock to get the option spend a Tower Bux to sell or gift that item. Once you choose Sell or Gift, you get the option to say No or Yes to selling or gifting the item. If you sell it, you receive coins for that item.