The Elevator

The elevator is visible on the left side of your tiny tower. Sometimes, a red icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. This means that someone is in your elevator and wants to be taken to a floor of the building.

Normal Guests

If a red icon with an up and down arrow appears at the bottom of the screen, tap it to automatically scroll down to the elevator. A guest will appear in the elevator with a speech bubble with a number in it over his or her head. Tap the elevator to make an up and down arrow appear in the bottom middle of the screen. Tap the arrows to make the elevator go up or down. Take the elevator to the floor that the guest requested. The guest will get off when taken to the correct floor.

You usually receive coins for taking a guest to the requested floor. The number of coins you receive is the floor number times two. For example, if a guest wants to go to the fifth floor, you get ten coins (5x2 = 10), if the guest wants to go to the 20th floor, you get 40 coins (20x2 = 40), and so on.

Sometimes, a guest will randomly give you a tip of 1 Tower Bux instead of giving you coins.


Sometimes a red icon appears at the bottom of the screen that says VIP. This means that a VIP is in the elevator. VIPs are special guests that give you bonuses. You can take this VIP to a floor of the building by tapping the elevator and then using the up and down arrows to move the elevator. See the list of VIPs to find out the types of VIPs that might visit your tower.

Upgrading your Elevator

You can get faster elevators by spending Tower Bux. To do this, go to the menu by tapping the Menu button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then tap Elevator on the left side of the screen.

The elevator screen will show you the next level of elevator that you can purchase, as well as the cost of upgrading to that level, along with the speed of that elevator.

The elevator upgrades are quite costly, so you will have to be patient and slowly accumulate Tower Bux by playing the game. Or you can spend real-world money to purchase Tower Bux from the Bux icon in the game's menu. This supports Nimblebit, the company that created Tiny Tower.