XYZ-Wing Strategy

XYZ-Wing is similar to Y-Wing. XYZ-Wing uses two pincers and a pivot to remove candidates.

The Pivot and Pincers

The XYZ-Wing strategy requires there to be three candidates in the pivot square, instead of two like in Y-Wing.

The pincers have one number in common with each other, and it is a number that appears in the pivot.

Each pincer has one of the other numbers from the pivot.

(Play this Example)

In the example above, the pivot is pink and the pincers are green. The pivot contains three numbers: 3, 8, and 9. The pincers share a 3, and one of them has an 8, and the other has 9. The pincers can both see the number 3 in another cell (circled in red.) We can remove this 3 because of XYZ-Wing.