The Pure Land

Hidden under clouds in a volcano, the Pure Land houses the Mana Tree, who can restore the Mana Sword.

Explore the Pure Land

When you land, a voice calls to you. In this screen, there is a Needlion and a Griffin Hand. These enemies are very strong, so if you couldn't afford all of the equipment that Neko is selling in front of the Tree Palace on the sunken continent, fight enemies here until you can afford it all.

Griffin Claws can in rare cases drop a chest that contains a Griffin Helm. This is the best helmet for Randi. Ice Thugs can in rare cases drop a Dragon Ring, which is the most powerful bracelet, which all three of you can wear. It's not the best bracelet, but it's slightly better than the Gauntlets that you can buy from Neko in front of the Tree Palace on the sunken continent.

From the first area of the Pure Land, go north and exit north. In the next screen, there are three Griffin Claws. Go to the right side of the screen and then go north from there to enter the next area.

In this area, there is a Mushgloom near the entrance, and an Ice Thug to the right. Go east past the tall grass, cutting through it or just walking north of it. Go to the east side of the screen and walk up the waterfall. Then you can go west from the giant tree stump, and then go to the northwest part of this area. You should see a cave entrance here. Go in.

Dragon Worm

Dragon Worm can use level 8 Earth Slide. The best spell to use against it is Thunderbolt. It can also use Balloon Ring and Petrify Gas.

After the battle, you get an Axe's Orb.

Continue Exploring

Go north from where you fought the Dragon Worm, and exit north. Go north again until you reach some ruins. Walk into the archway to get a message that tells you to defeat the dragon to the left of the forest to pass this gate. You can save the game after you see the message. Go down the stairs and then exit left.

In the next area, go northwest and use the exit there to reach the dragon.

Snow Dragon

Have Primm use Fire Bouquet and have Popoi use Fireball. Wait a moment between each spell so you see how much damage you caused. Otherwise you might end up causing 999 damage, rather than causing 500 damage per spell.

After the battle, you get a Bow's Orb. Go back the way you came to reach the gate where you saved the game. Go into the arch. You can save the game if you wish.

Continue On

You'll be transported to a new area. Go north and exit north. There is a cave to the east. Enter the cave. There are ghosts in here that can't be hit with weapons, so use magic on them if you want to. Go down the stairs from the first cave room. Then follow the path north and go into the cave door.

Axe Beak

Use Freeze on Axe Beak. Axe Beak can cast level 7 Fireball.

After the battle, you get a Javelin's Orb.

Keep Going

Go up the stairs that appear to the left, and go through the cave door to the north. Go west and go outside. Use the sword or axe to cut through the grass. Go to the north part of the area and exit there.

Go into the gate and save the game, then exit to the west. Get past the enemies here and go west into the cave.

Red Dragon

Use Freeze on Red Dragon. It can use Sleep Ring.

After the battle, you get a Glove's Orb.

Go Farther

Go back to the gate where you saved, and enter the gate, save the game, and you will be transported to the next area.

Follow the path northward until you reach an area that is shaped like + . Go north from this area.

Thunder Gigas

Use Gem Missile or Earth Slide. If Thunder Gigas casts Thunder Saber on you, cast Stone Saber to stop your weapons from healing him. He can use Blitz Breath, which damages you a lot.

After the battle you get a Sword's Orb.

Go north from the Thunder Gigas area. Continue north to the next area. Enter the gate and save the game, then go left. Cut your way through the grass and go north from there.

Blue Dragon

Use Gem Missile or Earth Slide. Blue Dragon can also use Blitz Breath but it's not as strong as Thunder Gigas's. It can also use Confuse Hoops. Stone Saber on your weapons will also increase the damage.

After the battle, you get a Boomerang's Orb. Return to the gate where you saved, and save the game again, and then you will be transported to the next area.

Meet the Mana Tree

You have reached the Mana Tree. Watch the cutscene. Then use the Flammie Drum to leave. Find Watts and forge your weapons, level up your weapons and magic to level 8, then fly to the Mana Fortress.